2 Fast to drive for the Mac!

Finally a racing game port for a change! 2 Fast Drive contains 10 amazing tracks, three of them placed in some big European city by night. Carreer mode, 10 versions of the main car (max tunning, pickup, cabrio, city version and more…) and 30 episodes. As you see enough to fill some lonely nights with.

Simply download the Wrapper, get 2 Fast Drive on Gamersgate, install it into the wrapper and set the mr2.exe as start executable and play! Below you find the video instructions to see the visual steps needed and some gameplay. Works great!

Based on a completely new engine with advanced physics and with possibility of newest graphic cards use. 2 Fast Driver is great fun. There are seven tracks and a few of them are placed in a big city by night. Advanced AI makes racing very exciting

Download the Wrapper up here…

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