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Welcome to the New site!

Welcome to the New site!

Finally after after so many weeks the new website is finished! It took me much effort and loads of my freetime but I am happy with the result. With some help of Manesh Sonah (webdesign) and Stuart (the banners and such) and Ruben (a buddy of mine, which helped with migrating the game pages) and Dion with the screenshots the site can be put finally in to production state! Meanwhile Ian pickert was an awesome help feeding you guys still with game ports!

The site is completly new! and has way many extra features which will be zoomed in more in the specific new features post. One of the most important advantages of the new website is that now more users can access the site to publish posts as well! This saves me time and some the community members can do some more for the  site as well.

Hope you will enjoy the new site as much as I do!

Paul the Tall