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Gobliiins Triology Wrapper update!

Made a wrapper update for Gobliins Triology as well! This one wasn’t OSX 10.8.2 compatible yet and I added a new branded icon as well.

OSX 10.8.2+ compatible
– New branded Icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…


Broken Sword 4 Wrapper update!

On the forum there was mentioned about the Broken Sword 4 version, that the installer client didn’t run in the wrapper. That was correctly mentioned because I own the Gamersgate version and didn’t test the version. So I quickly fixed that issue in this wrapper update. Allong with that I made a new icon for the game as well. Enjoy!

GOG version compatible now
– New branded Icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…

Broken sword 4

Rune Classic for the Mac!

Get ready for some hard action! Go back in time of the Vikings and arm yourself with swords, hammers and axes and proof yourself worthy! Simply download the wrapper  and install Rune Classic ( into the wrapper and follow the video instructions and play!

The classic Viking third-person hack-and-slash melee action game is now available on GOG! This release, known as Rune Classic, contains the original Rune content, plus the multiplayer expansion pack Halls of Valhalla. Play the epic single player campaign with new monsters imported from Rune Viking Warlord or jump online to challenge your friends in 4 challenging multi player modes.

Get the wrapper from the game page up here…

Mosby’s Confederacy for the Mac!

As John Singleton Mosby, one of the Civil War’s most interesting and dynamic leaders, you are charged not with leading vast armies into battle, but with commanding small bands of skirmishers, scouts and guerilla fighters on opportunistic missions to scout, ambush, steal supplies and harass a larger and better armed force of Union soldiers, in this game of turn based strategy and real time tactical combat.  Mosby’s Confedracy is available on Shinyloot, and then after purchase simply follow the video Instructions to play the game.

Missions and their objectives are randomized, so you’ll need to approach each game differently, carefully planning your strategy for success. You draw your soldiers from local towns, then through hard won battlefield experience transform them into fighting men “ scouts, cavalry, rangers and riflemen. Between battles you’ll invest in local towns, so they can serve as field hospitals, stables and munitions caches, helping to keep your forces fit and able to fight, and remain confident and supportive of your ongoing efforts, by willingly supplying men to fight for your cause – and as the war rages on this becomes increasingly challenging.

Download the wrapper from the gamepage up here…

Payday the Heist Wrapper update!

For many people this wrapper update is a “finally”.  The last wrapper was more then 1.5 years old and has some specific issues like dark sky, and with the latest update of the windows Steam, the steam client wouldn’t launch. Well that stuff is fixed in this new wrapper. Hope you guys will enjoy it!

– Fix black sky
– Steam client latest update fix
– Paulthetall branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper from the gamepage up here…


Dustforce released for the Mac!

The world is in dire need of a thorough cleaning. But it takes more than just a man to accomplish this mission. You’ve got to be a real superhero with a broom! The game has cool features like:  Over 50 levels varying in difficulty from elegant exploration levels to intense challenges for hardcore players. Play against your friends with local multiplayer matches and compete on the online leaderboard and instantly watch replays of every players’ best attempts. This game is made available for the Mac on and on Gamersgate so you can buy this Mac game up there and play it on your Mac. Check out the trailer below.

As an acrobatic janitor, you are an adept force against dust and disorder. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings, and deftly traverse precarious environments. Cleanse each level swiftly and thoroughly to achieve mastery in this 2D sweep-’em-up platformer.

Go to the new game page up here…

MouseCraft released for the Mac

MouseCraft is released for the Mac by the publisher Chrunching Koalas, and if you like puzzle games then MouseCraft might be something promising for you! Ever wondered what a cross between Tetris and Lemmings would look like? Well, wonder no more, ’cause… MouseCraft is here!  MouseCraft is a puzzle game where players help mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking the world’s most famous blocks: Tetrominos.  Starring: Mad Cat Scientist, Three Blind Mice and tons of irresistably delicious Cheese.

Experience a remix of two classic gameplay mechanics: Pile up Tetromino bricks to create a safe path for as many mice as possible. Discover an epic tale of a crazy cat scientist who is striving to unlock the potential of a mysterious, mice-powered machine. Defeat obstacles, overcome gaps and gather collectibles by using different types of blocks, of blocks, be them explosive, crumbling or even jelly ones. Prove your stacking skills by playing the game in a fast-paced Arcade mode or a mind-challenging Puzzle mode. Get involved by creating your own maps and show off your creativity by sharing them with the community!

Check the new game page up here…

Mr Bree+ released for the Mac!

Mr. Bree+ is a hardcore sidescrolling adventure/platformer, full of challenges, and enriched with great visual and musical effects. The game contains 60 levels of pure challenge with harder game modes that will push your skills to the PRO level. Besides that over forty achievements for you to extract every single bit of the game. Mr. bree+ is made available for the Mac on, so you can buy this Mac game up there and play it on your Mac. When creating an account there gives you more cool stuff, because you will be added freely 12 games, form which 11 are also for the Mac! Check out the gameplay trailer below, to get introduced with the game.

The game tells the story of a householder family pig that was captured by the wild boars and sent to work as a captive – until the day he ran away! During his escape, Mr. Bree had a trauma and forgot about his family, the way home, and also his movement skills. So it’s up to the player to recover his movements, enable him to return home, and find out what happened to his family. During his journey, Mr. Bree will face some mindblowing challenges and revelations.

Go to the gamepage up here…

Most issues website migration solved!

Most issues website migration solved!

Good news! After a lot of trouble, the  issues (except one) of the migration are solved now!

– Forum: Is available again, so post all you things up there.
– Featured Images are displayed correctly again (fixed)
– I couldn’t upload images/screenshots anymore, is now fixed as well.
– Contactform isn’t working, it does say that the message is sent but mail does not arrive on my side. (still an issue working on it)

I keep you guys in updated about that last point. So then you know that the mails which are sent past 3 days haven’t arrived on my side. So if you are wondering why I am not answering then you know now ;) Instead I have mentioned some alternative instructions on the contact page how to reach me.

Torchlight 2 for the Mac!

A very nice one for tonight! Another RPG game, and this one is called Torchlight II! This game is also very popular and can now be played on your Mac! This is a Steam game and can be pruchased on Gamersgate and I used the serial to activate in steam in order to play it on my Mac with the wrapper which contains the Windows Steam. Check out the simple video instructions and have fun!

The award-winning action RPG is back, bigger and better than ever! Torchlight II takes you back into the quirky, fast-paced world of bloodthirsty monsters, bountiful treasures, and sinister secrets – and, once again, the fate of the world is in your hands. Torchlight II captures all the flavor and excitement of the original game – while expanding the world and adding the features players wanted most, including online and LAN co-op multiplayer. Torchlight II is fast, fun, and filled to the brim with action and loot. Adventure solo or online with your friends!

Go for the wrapper to the game page up here…