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Free Mac game: Super Tux Kart

Tonight I wanted to do more, but the applications I submitted aren’t processed yet by Crossover, so we have to wait for that one more day ;) Meanwhile you can enjoy yourself with this Mac game called: Super Tux Racer! Get yourself ready for some nice race action! Choose your driver and race against eachother and cross as first over the finish line! Its free, so where are you waiting for! Check out the trailer below for the gameplay!

You can find the game page with download link up here…

Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum for the Mac

Some people might have been thinking: “Where the heck is the port promised yesterday”! Well, I had some good reasons from which I am very exited about and you will hear maybe hear it already tonight! Its something very cool and will contain loads of games you can play out of the box on your Mac! So stay tuned! So here the game which should be there yesterday:  Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum! Simulator fans will be happy today, because another Helicopter sim is added in the game port catalogue! Fly realistic mission as pilot or gunner. Designed for low level combat, the 3D engine includes day/night cycling weather effects, intelligent wingman and air/artillery support. The game works great in Crossover! Check out the trailer below to checkout the gameplay!

Pilot the devastating American RAH-66 Comanche or the infamous Russian Ka-52 Hokum in this exceptional realistic helicopter simulation. Fly Recon, Ground Strike, Combat Air Patrol missions and more, in the Taiwanese war for independence, a border dispute in Yemen and an explosive terrorist hotspot in Lebanon.

Check out the new game page with the CrossTie up here…

Retro City Rampage for the Mac!

Tonight I have another “golden oldie” game waiting for you! The game for tonight is Reto City Rampage! I was quite impressed how much stuff is implanted in this game… Lots of humor and meeting all kind of known characters. Gameplay varies a lot (like racing in a car doing tasks, robbing banks) it has some ingredients of Grand Theft Auto, so it won’t get boring at all :) The game works great in Crossover! Check out the trailer below to catch up good old times!

Wreak havoc in in the open-world of Retro City Rampage! You’ll meet a variety of very familiar characters, including a certain time-travelling scientist, engage in various modes of gameplay such as stealth, platforming, early coin-ops, and even encounter radioactive plumbers who await with eager anticipation their chance to murder and masticate you, The Player! But, wait, there’s more! Stomp on hapless pedestrians like they are Goombas and claim your coin. While you are taking the world by storm, you’ll encounter a few guest stars such as Super Meat Boy, Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion, and BIT.TRIP Runner. Last but not least, you’ll be able to tear through Minecraft for even more crossover goodness!

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Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1 – Gold Edition released for Mac!

Don’t ask me why the name is so long of this game, but Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1 surely looks like a promising Mac game. It has adventure and action combined in one which is something I at least really like. If that is not all this episode/game is only 3,99!! Check out the trailer below for the gameplay!

Unearthed is an episodic third person Action Adventure game set in modern day Middle East. The game is available in full Arabic and English voice over and features 21 Languages for Menu and Subtitles. When fortune hunter Faris Jawad and his sister Dania receive a call to visit Morocco they embark on an exotic adventure throughout the middle east on the trail of the famous Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta.

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Rayman Forever for the Mac

Tonight I have another “golden oldie” game waiting for you! The game for tonight is Rayman Forever! Everyone knows Rayman! Rayman was awarded both “Best Music in a CD-ROM Game” and “Best Animation” in Electronic Gaming Monthly’s 1995 Video Game Award. Colorful graphics, addictive gameplay and a memorable main character made this title one of best selling games of all time. The game works great in Crossover! Check out the trailer below to catch up good old times!

In Rayman’s world, nature and people live together in peace. One day, the evil Mr. Dark defeats Betilla, the Fairy, and steals the Great Protoon, the provider of harmony and balance. The Electoons who used to gravitate towards it lose their natural stability and scatter all over the world. Strange phenomena begin to occur: freaks and hostile characters appear, capturing every Electoon they can find! The disappearance of the Great Protoon also neutralized all of Betilla’s powers, and she needs time to regenerate before she can help in any way. They definitely need a hero to save them, and it looks like you’re it. It’s now up to Rayman and you to rescue the world.

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Wine 1.7.10 released!

Wine 1.7.10 released!

Wine 1.7.10 is released just now! Altough my primairy focus is not Wineskin anymore but Crossover, Wine is still the sourcecode where it is all about and will be iplanted in Crossover soon as well. And if you have of games and want to see if there are some improvements with the latest WineEngine then this news might be worthwhile. The wine version will be buildt in an engine and will be available in “Winery“. Winery is a program where you can build wrappers with, and is available on the Wineskin website. I used Winery to buildt all my wrappers for this website. Because the new Wine is just released, the engine itself is not available yet in Winery, but will be added soon by Doh123 (Wineskin developer). Again there are some improvements in the Macdriver, IPX support improvements, this might help improve speed/stableness of multiplayer games of some older games. Besides that there are some more d3d improvements as well.  See more details below and on Winehq.

The Wine development release 1.7.10 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • Window maximization in the Mac driver.
  • AVI compressor implementation.
  • Thread local storage support in dynamically loaded libraries.
  • Beginnings of a Task Scheduler implementation.
  • Extended IPX protocol support.
  • Various bug fixes.

Unepic for the Mac!

Got some good news here. I worked inadvance and have at the moment for about a week every day a new game in store :) Tonight the game port will be Unepic! While taking a break from playing a tabletop RPG, Daniel, an average guy from modern times, is transported to Harnakon’s Castle. Thinking that he is suffering from a hallucination, he decides that he is going to run the adventure for as long as the illusion lasts. As he explores the castle, fights the monsters within, Daniel comes to realize that not everything is as it seems. Works great in Crossover! Check out the trailer below!

Unepic heroically combines open-world platforming gameplay with the intricacy and challenge of the RPG. Tweak Daniel’s skills to your heart’s content. Fight a bewildering variety of monsters, from the lowly goblin to the gigantic dragon, with over 100 different weapons. If forbidden magics are more your calling, then 70 spells and magical items will please even the most discriminating would-be wizard. Monsters, weapons, potions, spells, quests, pets, bosses, a giant castle all come together to make a funny story Unepic. If you love nerd-based humor and the RPG munchkin in you is strong, you’ll appreciate every last bit of this charming RPG/platformer!

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Alien Arena for the Mac!

Tonight another action game for you guys! This game is called Alien Arena and is a free Shooter in the way of Unreal Tournament. The game works great in Crossover, however you need a good GFX card (512mb recommended) for the game. Besides that you need to make sure “GLSL” is de-selected in the video options, otherwise you will experience graphical glitches. I made it easy for you guys to make a CrossTie which will automaticly download and install the game in Crossover. Check out the trailer to see the gameplay! Have fun!

Do you like old school deathmatch with modern features? How about rich, colorful, arcadelike atmospheres? How about…retro Sci Fi? Then you’re going to love what Alien Arena has in store for you! This game combines some of the very best aspects of such games as Quake III and Unreal Tournament and wraps them up with a retro alien theme, while adding tons of original ideas to make the game quite unique.

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