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Problem checking older posts on the BLOG fixed (Now for real)!

Everyone may have noticed it…. You check the blog and see all the wonderful news and when checked the last post on the bottom of the page, you want to move to some older posts and you click on “page 2” and guess what? You get back on page one again!! This prevented everyone of watching older posts then the latest 10. This problem seemed to be there for many weeks! Manesh Sonah checked it out and it seemed to be something in the theme what even the theme developer himself couldn’t fix! After some very hard investigation he finally solved the issue today!

So, feel free now to browse through all the older posts of the website! A big hand for Manesh Sonah!

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Asterix and Caesars Challenge for the Mac!

Here another remake which I will do regularly between the normal commercial game ports. This time a remake of the Classic Asterix and Obelix! This beat em up game which has a lot away of Double Dragon, but then with romans and tigers and gladiators and such.  It’s free, and simply extract and play! Share it on your facebook or google+ account because a lot of remakes will come as an extra bonus for the fans! Below a video of the gameplay of the fan made game!

Caesar has built a mighty palisade around Asterix’ village, so the villagers stay in. To show Caesar that they can freely go wherever they want, our two friends set out on a journey across all countries in the Roman empire, bringing back a souvenir from each, so they can mock Caesar’s palisade. Asterix and Caesar’s Challenge is a pretty good Beat’ Em’ Up. Graphically, it doesn’t just have a good resemblance with the comics. It’s completely identical to them, and includes cutscenes, showing pages of the comic, along with the cover of it, so you know from which book that area’s taken from.

Get the Wrapper quickly from the game page here…

The Blackwell Epiphany released for the Mac!

The Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth supernatural murder and mystery story in Wadjet Eye Games old-school point-and-click series with classic 2D graphics and a chilling story, is now just released and available on for $14.99.. Simply buy the Mac game from and download and play. Checkout the trailer below!

The Blackwell Epiphany serves as the fifth and final installment of the supernatural murder-mystery adventure series from Wadjet Eye Games. As usual, the game is a real treat for the fans of classic point-and-click gameplay and traditional hand-crafted 2D graphics. The game is longer than any of the previous ones, and–being the climax to Rosa Blackwell’s story–it promises more excitement, drama, and danger. Our heroine and her opacity-impaired partner, the spirit-sleuth Joey Mallone, will face their ultimate challenge. Can you see them safe through it?

I made game page of the game up here…

Alien Breed Remake for the Mac!

I have some great news! I was searching for some remakes of some good old games I knew. Guess what? I stumbled in loads of them! And I gonna port those as well to the Mac! I did some of them already in the past. Like Wings of fury 2, or Megaman unlimited or Spelunky 2008 and more. And now I gonna add lots of them more to the catalog as an extra!

Remember Alien Breed from the Amiga and DOS? Yes, that’s correct, I ported that one already. But let me tell you there is a free remake of the game! Now play the remake on your Mac!

Alien Breed Obliteration is a remake based on the Amiga classic ‘Alien Breed 92′, rewritten from scratch with subtle improvements and featuring 15 completely new levels! Alien Breed is a top-down sci-fi shoot’em-up game, with aspects similar to the film Aliens. Your mission is to blast your way to the heart of the alien invasion picking up ammo, keys, health, money and weapons along the way. Your ultimate goal of course is to find a means to terminate these nasty monsters for good.

Download the full game Wrapper download from the game page here…

Space Farmers released for the Mac

Another nice Mac game has been released! Space Farmers is released by the publisher KISS! In Space Farmers you and a friend will encounter gadgets, guns, puzzles, pigs, a horde of killer robots and more. This one of a kind co-operative action adventure will make you laugh, cry and bring the human race together. You can buy the game on  Gamersgate for only $9,99 (now $6,99 = 30% off) which contains 2 serials (One for you and one for a friend) and activate it into the Mac Steam and download and play! Check out the promising trailer below!

Grab a friend, grab a gadget, grab a gun and get ready. Space Farmers is the most fun you’ll ever have in a co-op game. You’re trapped on an alien space station and forced to share your secret British agriculture secrets. With no means of escape or tea making facilities this is all very uncivilized! Luckily a hoard of hungry robots are attacking the station and your captors have vanished. Stopping only to pick up an Energy Shotgun and a Pie-O-Matic you begin your quest for freedom!

Made a game page for this action game up here…

FRACT OSC released for the Mac!

FRACT features a beautiful open world to explore and decipher with music-based puzzles, stunning visuals, and an amazing score that evolves as you play. FRACT is now available for Mac on Checkout the trailer below for the game play!

FRACT is a musical exploration game. You arrive in a forgotten place and explore the vast and unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. As you start to make sense of this strange new environment, you work to rebuild its machinery by solving puzzles and bring the world back to life by shaping sound and creating music within the game.

Made a game page for the game up here…

Happy Eastern to All!

For a lot of people (like me) these days are very special because the remembrance of the passion of Christ. For some people this is a free day of from work, or to be together with family and searching for easter eggs. Either way I want to sent my best wishes to you all this day and a happy and healthy life!

To celebrate it a little bit on the site a did a freeware port of a puzzle game called:  Easter Journey. In this game you control an easter bunny and have to collect the easter eggs in the level. But it isn’t easy, there are barricades and one wrong move make you get stuck. Luckily there is a refers key (backspace) to undo your wrong action. There are 47 levels and I tested myself until level 4 and it is quite fun and challenging. A nice game to spent your time with until family arrives or something like that.

I won’t make a separate game page for this one, so download the (full game = extract and play) wrapper up here…. The file is over 200mb, so this is hosted on Filefactory, so remember to click on slow download and deselect the filefactory download manager select box. Have fun!


Redline for the Mac!

Here another good old game which is released a few days ago on Redline an insane classic post-apocalyptic action game combining first-person shooter and off-road driving game. If you don’t own the game yet, I strongly advise you to buy Redline (only $5,99) digitally and DRM free on I tested that version of the game in the wrapper and that one works for me.

It’s 2066 and the world is a different place. While the privileged insiders live in fertile domed cities, the rest of us fight for survival in the wastelands. Rival gangs battle for supremacy, turf control and valuable resources. In order for a young man to succeed he must make the right choices about his future. That’s why you want to join the Company.

Get the Wrapper from the game page up here…

redline mac screenshot 2

Treasure Adventure Game Wrapper update!

Ian Pickert was so nice to contribute an update of the Wrapper for Treasure Adventure Game and updated the video as well! Simply download the update Wrapper on the game page mentioned below and extract the game with an un-archive program like KEKA, and follow up the simple video instructions.

Get the Wrapper from the game page up here…

The Samaritan Paradox for the Mac

In the mood for another adventure game? Yesterday The Samaritan Paradox was released on and I am happy to announce that I made a port for this game already! A famous writer has died. His daughter seeks the help of you, Ord Salomon, to find his secret last novel. During the search, questions will emerge. Did her father really kill himself? What is the secret novel all about? What is going on at the island of Fardo? Check out the trailer to get warmed up for the game and get it on, and use my wrapper to play it on your Mac! Enjoy!

The Samaritan Paradox is set in Sweden in the 80’s. Ord Salomon has agreed to help Sara Bergwall find the book her father, Jonatan Bergwall, wrote before he died. During the course of this treasure hunt, he learns that Jonatan was investigating the weapons industry, and more specifically some covert affairs with foreign dictatorships. But more questions arise. What is the book about, and why does Sara want Ord to find it for her? Did her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother know the secret before she grew too demented to share it? And how did Jonatan actually die?

Get the Wrapper from the game page here…