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Max Payne 3 for Mac

Great news for action and Max Payne fans! As you may know Max Payne 2 is already ported on my site. Now I heard earlier that Max Payne 3 was released not long ago for Mac as well by Rockstar Games. It seems that the game is now available on Gamersgate as well for only 5,00 at the moment (75% off)!!!! So thats 2 flies in one catch! have fun!

For Max Payne, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal.  No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to pain killers, Max takes a job in São Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out.

Get the game on gamersgate here…

Dark Fall: The Journal for the Mac

Dark Fall: The Journal for Mac is a first person perspective point and click adventure game, set in a British town in the late 1940s. Dark Fall combines quite a gripping storyline with eerie music, dito sound effects and carefully designed locations. Gameplay is mainly focused on collecting clues and solve (sometimes complex) puzzles. This game is the one more creepier adventure games in my game collection, so keep the lights on when playing…..

Download and extract the Wrapper –> get Dark Fall: The Journal from –>  install Windows software –> navigate to the setup file –> and install it into the Wrapper. –> click “end installation” and double-click the Wrapper and play! have fun!

You come back from work hoping to get a good night’s sleep but then you notice light blinking on your answering machine. It was your brother – an architect redeveloping an old train station and hotel. He called to ask for your help. Alarmed by his frightened voice, cryptic information about some disappearance and strange whispers in the background you board a train without hesitation. From now on your adventure has just begun and soon you will realize that although no one is there, you are not alone…

Download the Wrapper up here…

Darkfall the journal

Trackmania Nations Forever Wrapper update!

I had a question about Trackmania Nations Forever and created an update with a newer engine and I was surprised by the performance and sound fix when testing it on my new (Intel Graphics card) Macbook Air. So I created another full game Wrapper download, which you can download below. Have fun!

– Updated Wine Engine
– Works on Intel HD Graphics
– Some sound fixes

Download the new updated Trackmania Wrapper up here…


Quest For Infamy for the Mac!

Quest for Infamy is a wonderful homage to the Sierra and LucasArts classics of old but with a fresh feeling. Literally hundreds of beautifully hand-painted backgrounds, characters, and beasts await you on your quest. Quest for Infamy is filled with colorful characters and metaphors, double, triple, and even quadruple entendres, and is, plain-and-simple.

Quest For Infamy is a role-playing adventure game where you assume the identity of Mr. Roehm – a scoundrel who is on the run from his latest scrape. When he is stuck in the Valley of Krasna for a bit, he decides to take on some work to pass the time. He finds himself in the middle of Kingdom in tubulence – as he becomes embroiled in a power struggle between several ambitious residents of the Valley.

Get the Mac game up here…

Wine 1.7.23 Released!

A new Wine version is out on WineHQ! The wine version is now build in an engine and is available in “Winery“. Winery is a program where you can build wrappers with, and is available on the Wineskin website. I used Winery to build all my Wrappers for this website. The engine itself isn’t available in winery yet, but doh123 will add it as soon as he can. There are some important crypto certificate fixes which fixes some login issues in some programs/game clients, so thats great news! See more details below and on WineHQ.

You can change the wine engine in existing Wrappers doing: Right-click Wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –. advanced –> tools –> change engine –> change it to the latest engine you downloaded, in this case 1.7.23.

The Wine development release 1.7.23 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • Better support for files drag & drop.
  • Improvements to the HTTP cookie management.
  • Initial support for 64-bit Android builds.
  • Fixes to crypto certificates management.
  • Various bug fixes.

new wine engine new

Gods Will Be Watching released for Mac!

Gods Will Be Watching for Mac, is an original adventure game departing from the traditional point-and-click ideas to tell a gripping and disturbing story consisting of six tension-filled scenarios connected by an overarching narrative of interstellar espionage, is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, for $9.99 on

Gods Will Be Watching is a minimalistic “point and click thriller” centered on despair, commitment, and sacrifice as players face narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas that will affect both the lives of your team and the people you’re are sworn to protect. Set against the backdrop of an interstellar struggle, the game follows Sgt. Burden and his crew in six tense chapters from hostage situations and wilderness survival to biological weapon prevention and agonizing torture scenarios. Each decision is crucial and players will need to choose between the lives of their team and the saving the world from genocide. There’s no good or evil, just decisions, with only you and the gods as a judge to your actions.

Go to the game page up here…

Men of War Wrapper update!

Here an update of the Wrapper of Men of War. Here also counts: The engine isn’t changed, only a new Icon and an update Wineskin version. This job including new icon has been done by Ian Pickert. Hope everyone loves the new icon as well :) Ian added that also for this game that it works on his Intel HD 4000 Graphics Macbook as well. Have fun!

– Updated Wineskin to 2.6.0
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

Men of War

Space Pirates and Zombies released for Mac

 Space Pirates and Zombies is a great top-down space shooter that uses newtonian physics. Although the story and gameplay isn’t as good and addicting as Ring Runner or quirky as Operation Inner Space, it has it’s own mechanics that carry it. Play how you want to play. Be the good guy and try to keep the balance and make friends. Be the bad guy, blow every base up and kick down every gate to get through the galaxy. However some of these choices come back to you haunt you in the last portion of the game when you have to build up the defenses against the growing enemy threat. Below the trailer of the game do you can see some game play.

At its core, Space Pirates and Zombies is an action based, skill oriented, top down space combat game. It’s similar to the ones we knew and loved in years past, but now using full physics simulation and modern graphics for those oh so pretty explosions. But as you dig deeper, SPAZ becomes much more.

Get this Mac game on up here…

Unturned for Mac!

Some more good news. Raoul Koomen (a game tester of mine) noticed that Unturned seems to work great on his Intel graphics Mac with the Steambuild1b Wrapper. This game is pretty amazing, and is also a “free to play” game, so why waiting and get the Wrapper below or on the sidebar of the blog, login and install the game, restart steam and play! Watch the trailer of the game below to get introduced with the game. Have fun!

Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalypse survival genre. Rather than focusing on being an MMO it provides players with easy systems to sit down and survive the zombie infestation with their friends. Over the course of a typical adventure, groups will have a blast fortifying locations, scavenging for supplies, trying to live off the land and negotiating with other people.

Get the Steambuild1b Wrapper up here…

Unrest released for the Mac

Play as a peasant girl faced with an arranged marriage, a priest troubled by his radical temple, a slum dweller with a dangerous past, an ambassador from a militant nation, and a mercenary captain far out of his depth – all as part of the same narrative. Unrest is for Sale on and also has a Special Edition which includes the Special edition DLC. The DlC includes a 12-track instrumental album, A novella set in Bhimra, videos and posters and more.

Set in a fantasy interpretation of ancient India, Unrest is an adventure RPG focused on story and choices. Play as five ordinary people who are struggling to get by in the in the famine-stricken city-state of Bhimra. Brave poverty, disease, treason, political and social upheaval. Face unique burdens and gripping dilemmas as you struggle to survive in each chapter…but choices made to help one character may well make life harder for another. In Unrest, there are no heroes of legend, there is no mystical quest, and fate has not chosen you. You’re on your own.

Get this Mac game from up here…