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Blendimals for the Mac!

Blendimals is a very fun free puzzle platform game. It contains humor tactical insight and takes some skill to finish all the levels. The whole idea is to mix animals to a “Blendimal”  using a blender and use the skills of both animals to get to the endpoint. For example mix a rhino and a bunny together and get the power of a rhino and the jumping power of a rabbit. There are a lot of mixtures possible and very fun to play. Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then simply download the wrapper below and extract and play! Check out the video tutorial below as well for some gameplay on my iMac. Enjoy!

Blendimals has a great game-play. At the beginning of each level you face a dangerous course that can never be completed as a single animal. Fortunately the makers have built a mixer which you throw all pure animals and get a “blendimal” with which you can get through the level.

Download the wrapper with the free  game pre-installed up here…

AI War Collection released for Mac

AI Wars has an unique blend of 4X and grand strategy thinking at the galaxy-map level with RTS mechanics and tactics at the planetary level. AI War Collection Includes the base game, AI War: Fleet Command, and the DLC Pack consisting of: AI War: The Zenith Remnant, AI War: Children of Neinzul, AI War: Light of the Spire, AI War: Ancient Shadows, AI War: Vengeance Of The Machine, and AI War: Destroyer of Worlds. Checkout the trailer below for some game-play. The entire collection is normally $19,99 but at the moment of writing only $6.79 for this week! So get it cheap while you still can.

Go forth into the galaxy, steal AI technology, recapture those planets you must in order to achieve your ends, and save what remains of humanity. But draw too much attention to yourself, and the full might of the AI overlords will come crashing down. The inattention of the larger AI is our only hope: a small resistance, too insignificant even to be noticed by the AI central command, has survived. These are the forces you will command. The AI sub-commanders will fight you to the death when they see you — but your glimmer of opportunity comes from quietly subduing those sub-commanders without alerting central processing to the danger until it’s too late.

Get this AI War Mac game collection on up here…

Valiant Hearts: The Great War for Mac

Valiant Hearts: The Great War for Mac is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. I was quite impressed by Valiant Hearts: The Great War, when I start playing it. It has awesome music which brings you straight into the story, nice gameplay, good puzzles and good humor which keeps you playing. Another cool thing is that it tells you also some background information about WW1. I had to stop myself with this one or I would spent to much time with one game :P Played about 2 hours now and passed about 3 levels. I ran into one issue that the game would become slow when playing full screen, so I made the game “Windowed” to fix that. This means you can see the top bar of your Mac desktop when playing, but for the rest it plays native Windows! I will made a video of the game-play below, you will love it! Tested the game on my Nvidia iMac and my Intel Graphics HD 4000 Macbook and works great! Have fun!!

Important: I would change the control key of the dog to “Control” or something, instead of “ALT” to avoid function key issues.

In Valiant Hearts: The Great War™, the lives of all the characters are inextricably drawn together over the course of the game. All of them will try to survive the horror of the trenches, following their faithful canine companion. Friendship, love, sacrifice, and tragedy befall each one as they help each other to retain their humanity against the horrors of war.

The game works great in Crossover, so that program is advised to use. So if you haven’t Crossover yet, then get it up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial.

Download the Porting Kit up here…

rFactor for Mac!

Rfactor is a popular racing game in the way of Live for Speed and Race07. Game has great graphics and has realistic gameplay. Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Check out the video tutorial below to see the visual instructions and some game-play with the demo version. Have fun!

Simply download and extract the Wrapper –> download the rFactor Demo (unlockable to full version using a legal serial) –> double-click wrapper –> install windows software –> navigate to the demo setup file and double-click it –> the setup will start –> install the game –> after installation set the rFactor.exe as start executable –> double-click the Wrapper/icon to play! Have fun!

The first installment in the rFactor series featured mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics. It was the game you would want to play.

Download the Wrapper up here… or when you use Crossover, the CrossTie here…

Habitat released for Mac

Habitat is a strategic space survival game where you have to build and manage the future homes of humanity from orbital debris that you find in space junkyards surrounding Earth’s orbit. Habitat is now available for Mac (early Access) on Gamersgate, so check out the trailer below to get introduced to the game. Have fun!

Leading your team of engineers, you will have to build and fly your space stations in a zero gravity setting, mastering physics driven flight simulation to explore the space around you. In order to thrive and grow you have to manage your population and their environment.  In the event of a threat get creative and turn your space stations into deadly weapons using pieces of debris you pick up such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators to fight and ultimately survive against attacks from the enemy.  This is a space survival game where crisis is guaranteed and your only chance for survival is to be creative and decisive in the face of disaster.

Get this Mac game on Gamersgate up here…

Max Payne for the Mac!

Max Payne for Mac is finally ported. Max Payne a man with nothing to lose in the violent, cold urban night. A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder and now hunted by cops and the mob. Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Prepare for a new breed of deep action game. Prepare for pain… Enjoy it now on your Mac! Max Payne has awesome performance in the Wrapper on my Nvidia 640M iMac!

Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then simply download the Steambuild1 Wrapper below and extract the file and launch the Steamwrapper –> login into Steam –> activate the serial you got from Gamersgate and download the game –> then click play and the launcher will popup. Set the Acceleration to “D3D Hardware T&L” and in the options put the “character shadow” to low and play! Check the video below for the “visual” video instructions and some game-play.

Important Note: Don’t press esc in the intro, or the game gets windowed and won’t proceed. Thats it, have fun!

Download the Steambuild1 Wrapper up here… or when you use Crossover, the CrossTie here…

Robocraft Wrapper update!

Here another wrapper update of Robocraft! Launcher is more stable now (crashes less), and is updated with latest version of Robocraft. Tested a couple of battles and works fine. Enjoy the game!

– More stable launcher
– Updated game version

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…


Unreal + Unreal Tournament Video update

Here another video update for the games Unreal and Unreal Tournament which includes an extra tweak instruction when the game is running too fast on your Mac. The video will also be added on the official game page on this website.

Go to the game pages here… and here…

Heroes Chronicles Video Tutorial!

As promised! Here the video tutorial of Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters to see the visual instructions how to play this game on your Mac including some game-play! I also updated the original blogpost of Heroes Chronicles with the video now so new people can watch the video as well.

Enjoy the game and the video instructions!

Wine 1.7.24 Released!

A new Wine version is out on WineHQ since last Friday! The wine version is now build in an engine and is available in “Winery“. Winery is a program where you can build wrappers with, and is available on the Wineskin website. I used Winery to build all my Wrappers for this website. The engine itself isn’t available in winery yet, but doh123 will add it as soon as he can. There are some important crypto improvements which fixes some login issues in some programs/game clients, so that’s great news! See more details below and on WineHQ.

You can change the wine engine in existing Wrappers doing: Right-click Wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –. advanced –> tools –> change engine –> change it to the latest engine you downloaded, in this case 1.7.24.

The Wine development release 1.7.24 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • Beginning of some DirectWrite classes implementation.
  • Initial wrapper dll for the packet capture library.
  • Some crypto improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

new wine engine new