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Infested Planet released for Mac

In Infested Planet for Mac you command a team of 5 elite soldiers against an alien horde of 100,000. Surrounded on all sides, you must outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy. This Mac game is available on and is 25% the first week , so that’s only $11.24* for the first week! Check out the trialer below. Enjoy the game!

The enemy is closing in around you. Your soldiers are being flanked and the perimeter is slowly collapsing under a vicious alien assault. Robotic turrets will not last much longer. Just a little more and the bugs will swarm into your unprotected base. What are your orders? You order your soldiers to fall back to a defensive chokepoint and rebuild your defenses. Sacrifice the forward squads to gain some extra time. Gather your team while equipping them with flamethrowers and laser guns. Start building a siege cannon for fire support. Then, while the aliens are busy, flank their main hives to destroy and capture them.

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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Wrapper update

Here a quick update of Dreamfall the Longest Journey. I tested the version on my Intel Graphics HD 4000 Macbook air and fixed some flashing glitches on artifacts in the game for Intel Graphics cards. I also found out how to make the game fullscreen (higher then 1024×768) by putting anti aliasing to 4x or higher. Somehow this triggers the screen resolution in widescreen. So thats great news :) Enjoy the update!

– fix some object flickering for Intel graphics HD

Download the updated Wrapper up here…


Tales of Maj’Eyal released for Mac

Tales of Maj’Eyal for Mac is a roguelike RPG, featuring tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building. Play as one of many unique races and classes in the lore-filled world of Eyal, exploring random dungeons, facing challenging battles, and developing characters with your own tailored mix of abilities and powers. The base game is the first week 50% off for only $3,49 on and with the Expansion Ashes of Urh’rok it is only $7,48! So get it cheap now you can.

With a modern graphical and customisable interface, intuitive mouse control, streamlined mechanics and deep, challenging combat, online stats and character sheets, Tales of Maj’Eyal offers engaging roguelike gameplay for the 21st century.

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Nibiru: Age of Secrets Wrapper update!

Here another Wrapper update of a file what went missing: Nibiru: Age of Secrets (US only).  Here counts as well, new Icon and updated Wine engine. Enjoy!

– Updated Wine Engine
– New branded Icon

Download the updated Wrapper up here…


Wine 1.7.30 Released!

It’s bin a while, but meanwhile a new Wine version is out on WineHQ since yesterday! The wine version is now build in an engine and is available in “Winery“. Winery is a program where you can build wrappers with, and is available on the Wineskin website. I used Winery to build all my Wrappers for this website. The engine itself isn’t available in winery yet, but doh123 will add it as soon as he can. There are some C runtime improvements and some extra DirectWrite functions. See more details below and on WineHQ.

You can change the wine engine in existing Wrappers doing: Right-click Wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –. advanced –> tools –> change engine –> change it to the latest engine you downloaded, in this case 1.7.30.

The Wine development release 1.7.30 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • More support for fonts in DirectWrite.
  • Improved ATL thunk support.
  • A few more C runtime functions.
  • Regedit import/export fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.

new wine engine new