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Terraria 1.3 for the Mac!

Originally released in early 2011 – Terraria – the infinite pixel playground, receives yet another MAJOR content update. So major it could be an expansion pack, but it’s not – it’s free and it’s four years in the making – because the developers love you so very much. The 1.3 update replaces the normal setup file and I tested the updated version in the Portingkit and works just fine on my Nvidia 640M iMac. The game although small in size won’t run on low end Macbooks like my Intel HD 4000 Macbook air.

The 1.3 Changelog is huge – it’s over 20,000 characters long and includes new features like a fresh Expert mode, a photo/camera mode for the creative, new environments and enemies, and hundreds of gameplay changes and quality of life fixes like revamped town NPCs. Somewhere down the list of changes you’ll also find a bullet point that mentions over 800 new items to discover. No biggie though. Pick up your copy or grab the newest patch right now, and get lost, in the biggest sandbox adventure ever!

Get the updated file in the Portingkit here… or if you use Crossover the Crosstie here…

Windsward released for Mac!

You like Pirate games? Then this game might be soemthing for you. This game reminds me a bit to a mixture of Pirates of Black Cove and Port Royal. Check out the trailer below for some visuals.

Designed from the start to be a fully procedural co-op game, Windward can be played by yourself, but it truly comes alive when playing with friends. Start by generating a procedural world that will be unique to you, design your own custom faction, then sail forth fighting pirates, trading with towns, doing quests or simply exploring — it’s up to you how you want to play. Exploring Windward and vanquishing enemies will reward you and your friends with plenty of booty that can be used to upgrade your ships or obtain new ones as well as experience that can be spent unlocking new talents, abilities and eventually even combat specializations.

  • Action-filled sandbox game designed from the ground up for co-op gameplay to play with your friends, Windward is set in a large procedurally generated world.
  • Play together with your friends on your own private server or join others online as you fight through hordes of pirates or become one yourself!

This Mac game is now available on up here…

Her Story released for Mac!

Her Story is the new video game from Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. A crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling, Her Story revolves around a police database full of live action video footage. It stars Viva Seifert, actress and one half of the band Joe Gideon and the Shark.

How does it work?Her Story sits you in front of a mothballed desktop computer that’s logged into a police database of video footage. The footage covers seven interviews from 1994 in which a British woman is interviewed about her missing husband. Explore the database by typing search terms, watch the clips where she speaks those words and piece together her story.

Get this Mac game on up here…

Mass Effect added into Portingkit + Crosstie!

Mass Effect has 2 versions. One: The not working Origin version (because of the malfunctional Origin in Wine) and the Working Steam version for which this port is created. So make sure you have the good version when try to run it in Crossover and the Portingkit. I tested the game for a while and works quite well on my Nvidia 640M 512mb GFX  iMac.

I made the port available as Crosstie and for the Portingkit. So for the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here… and to learn more about Crossover go here…

Download the Portingkit here… and if you own Crossover, then get the Crosstie here…