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Strange Nintendo Tech that You’ve Probably Forgotten

Nintendo has been everywhere. In fact, the company started from the bottom up. Years ago, Nintendo made toys and cards, and other interesting things too. The company is well known for creating such unique things that are interesting, offering out of the box tech gadgets.

However, we all know that with success, comes failure, and Nintendo is not an exception. Some of the ideas it introduced were quite strange. In this post, we share some of the strange Nintendo tech devices that you might have forgotten about. At the same time, we really hope that soon, the company will start offering gaming devices for top online casino games.

Nintendo is one of the first companies to introduce online gaming devices. In 1995, the company released the Satellaview in Japan. This tech device allowed users (kids) to access magazines, newzealandcasinos online pokies gamesand others, on their SNES’. The console could be connected to a BS tuner, which was a service based on subscription, offered by St. Giga. The idea was really great. However, the costs involved were too high and many people shied away from the device, as a result.

This device came with many great games, as well as allowing users access to other special editions of games. Also, users could transfer large files, which was way ahead of its time.

Wii Vitality Sensor & N64 Bio Sensor
This tech gadget was announced by Nintendo in 2009. At the time, motion controls had just started taking center stage and Nintendo wanted to offer something for the whole family. This device was capable of measuring your heart rate.

However, about 4 years later, the company announced that it was discontinuing the production of this product. This was because the gadget had failed to live up to expectations. In fact, the president of the company at the time said that production would be discontinued because the product was not working as they had hoped it would.

The Greatest Stadium in College Football History

There are different things that make a football stadium great. Just like online casino games, there are certain things that make best online casino game be better than the other does. Some stadiums are the greatest because of the memories, history, traditions and technology. Above all, a stadium is not complete without the presence of the fans. Therefore, the fans also play a huge role in making a stadium a fortress and the best place to be.

Various stadiums are in college football. Therefore, instead of honoring the players; it is also high time we give credit to the places that made them famous.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the greatest stadiums in college football history.

This stadium is popularly known as the “Death Valley.” It is built on top of the old cemetery ground. Memorial stadium is one of the most nerve-wracking places to play a game of football. For the visitors they will have to be brave to come out with a victory at this place.

Memorial Stadium, Clemson
The home side has always been in great form at home with their fans giving them extraordinary support. Surely, with a capacity of 81,500 you should expect something magnificent and have some memorable experience at Memorial Stadium.

Michigan Stadium, Michigan
This stadium is where a huge crowd gathers to offer massive support for their team or when they play blackjack game. The place is also known as the “Big House”. It is one of the largest and the most packed stadiums in college football. Back in 2013, the stadium recorded a whopping number of supporters ranging at 115,109. Surely, we believe that no other stadium has surpassed this kind of record of fans in the college football league.

At the end of it all, it’s all about the fanbase. These are the people who make things happen and they are the ones who make these record numbers of attendance come into effect.

Outlaws + handfull of missions port updated!

Outlaws + handfull of missions port updated!

A quick heads up. Thanks to an email (notifying me about the bug) of a Porting Kit user, I fixed a Outlaws + Handfull of missions because it had a game update of This update of the game caused that when you launched the game after install, you only got a menu window with an option to install or exit the game. This bug was only present when you installed the game since the update of the game.

This problem has now been fixed and now you can play this awesome old game in it’s full glory even on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.x.

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