Some Porting Kit game fixes!

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes a specific game name gets colored orange again. In that case this game has been re-uploaded with a specific change. Sometimes it may only bee something with the description, but sometimes it may also be an update of the game wrapper. It may be because of game fixes or performance improvements, but also if the the installer of changed the path to the start exe file. That last one was the case of Heroes of Might & Magic 2. This has been fixed now.

Second, Live for speed! That game got an update to version S3_6M, which needed the download updated, but even then the game wouldn’t run anymore because of graphical corruption and error messages. Well that is fixed now with this latest update.

Last but not least an update for Grand Theft Auto 2, which had a bug crashing after a very short while of play. That is fixed now with the latest update of the game in Porting Kit.

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heroes livegta2

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