Weekend sale + Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love + 90% off sale on GOG.com!

Paulthetall.com and Portingkit.com has an awesome contributor GOG.com. They most importantly contribute to the project by providing games for me to test, and using their affiliate program, they support me a bit financially as well! Because we have good ties, they have an awesome action/contest Paul The Tall – Giveaway: From Wishlists, With Love, where you can win 10 game keys for the game This War of Mine. The Contest last for 6 days!!

The only think you have to do is go to the Paulthetall.com contest page and do is to unlock the 3 entries to make a chance for the free This War of Mine game keys!

When you simply want to the promo page with almost 70 games up to 90% off, go here… 

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