Release Porting Kit 4.1.45

It’s June and that means all the updates in experimental branch will go to the main branch up to today! It contains loads of fixes and enhancements. Check out the list below. I will pick out a very important one which is the introduction of WSI3 files!

WSI3 files:
In porting kit we use WSI files which is a kinda script. We started with WSI1 (quite simple) WSI2 (more advanced) and now WSI3 files which are even more advanced. This means we can for example add special steps for Apple Silicon or Intel GFX card Macs and so on to specialize the settings the best way for your Mac per specific game :)

Porting Kit 4.1.45 (05/06/2021):

  • Developer login should not be requested on startup
  • Custom port name dialog should work properly
  • “Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” fixed
  • Developer should be able to add server ports based in local ports
  • Removing variable default value
  • Wine prefix should not be recreated when installing DLC with a different engine
  • Fixing broken encoding in some descriptions
  • Links shouldn’t be removed from descriptions
  • Updating the use of the API to include WSI3 ports
  • Fixing broken descriptions automatically
  • App description should be minified so it can be edited
  • Developer login should happen automatically on startup
  • Uncompression error message improved
  • PK shouldn’t cache its local files
  • Only proper compatible configs should be loaded
  • Adding Developer tab
  • Save dialogs should work properly again
  • clearStartupApps should be executed at the end of each run step only
  • Improving DXVK incompatibility error message
  • Improving the way to handle Windows paths when downloading a file inside a port
  • .msi files now should be selectable when creating custom ports
  • Minor fixes and changes
  • A DXVK version should only be considered valid if it’s a string with more than 2 characters
  • Improved location of the ‘No space left on device’ error message
  • Error messages should never appear inside quotes
  • Workaround to avoid ‘osascript: no such component “JavaScript”‘ error
  • Debug logs and Open Drive options should work properly
  • If PK fails to list the files inside a folder when listing runnable files, it should just ignore that folder
  • If something goes wrong when solving aliases, PK shouldn’t crash
  • Increased wine prefix time from 2 min to 3 min
  • Improvements when running commands
  • Improving some analytics events
  • Implementation Donation tab
  • Updating Electron, which do some fixes
  • Removing Sentry
  • Rankings tab should work properly now

Checkout the change-log with all the history up here…

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