Thank You for your Silver Premium support!!

Thank you for your Silver Premium support!


As a Silver Premium member you can take advantage of a couple of things:

1. Access to 3 Premium games:

– Psi-ops: Mind Conspiracy which contains 3 parts which needs to be extracted as one file.
Part 1, Part 2 and part 3

–  C&C Tiberian Dawn

–  Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

2. Three Full demo / freeware downloads above 1 GB. For now these are:

Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars (Demo, unlockable to full version using a serial)

Truck Simulator 2 (Demo)

3. Access to the Amiga wrapper (Proof of purchase required)

Besides that you are an offical VIP member on the forums. To recieve the rights email me your name and forumname so I can grand you the specific group rights in the forum.

Thanks again for helping building the Mac gaming community!

Kind regards,

Paul The Tall

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