688(i) Hunter Killer for Mac

You like submarine simulation? Then with 688(I) Hunter/Killer, you are spot on! Hunt down your targets with your sub in the most realistic submarine simulation (not in graphics) ever developed! I added the game to Porting Kit and I tested this game on my poor performance Intel HD 5000 Macbook air, and even there it works as attended. So get your sailer hat and become captain of a submarine!  The game is available cheap on Kinguin (=steam serial) priced $3,64.

Game Description:
688(I) Hunter/Killer is the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target situations and outfit your boat with the latest advanced weaponry. Then use your skills to complete the tour of duty and earn your dolphins to become a true submariner.

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688(i) Hunter Killer for Mac

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