About a 100 port fixes and adjustments!

Yes, that’s right, after getting some input about about a change in the register naming in Wine about “DirectDrawRendering” we had to make changes for many dozens of ports. This have been done yesterday including a lot of cosmetic and other changes in the ports. These changes were especially important for older games like, Pharaoh, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, some Star Wars Ports and many others. So if you experienced issues in running these games, then please reinstall the games again using your “offline backup setup files” from your GOG.com game library.

All the ports which have been updated will have an “updated” badge. So please check if the game you recently installed and didn’t work, is working now after the change. Don’t hesitate to sent an e-mail when you have issues with running a game using the existing ports in the Porting Kit database.

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