About Crossover

What is Crossover:

The word Crossover is/will be all over this place, and that’s why it is good to know what Crossover is.

The main focus of this website is Mac gaming. News about game Porting and everything around that. Game porting means that you are able to play your Windows games using a specific application like Porting Kit and Crossover. Those 2 application contain the (open source) source code “Wine”. This Wine source code makes it possible to play those games on the Mac. This source code is under constant development, and every 2 weeks there is released an updated version.

But what about Crossover?
Crossover is a program made by the company “Codeweavers” which uses the source code Wine but is customized for the best user experience and performance. There is a team of over 20 people who maintain it and improving it. In a matter of fact most of them are Wine developers and are the ones contributing to the Wine project with improved code. Better said, without those people Wine would be still in poor stadium. They are responsible why Wine is advanced as it is today. So we owe these guys everything we can play using Wine.

What about the program itself?
Crossover is a standalone application which is a customized Wine version with an intelligent GUI (graphical User Interface). So they use one Wine Engine (called bottles in Crossover) for their program in comparation of Wineskin which has their own engine of every Wine release. The advantage of that is, it is easily maintainable, configured on the best way. Regularly they release some updates which improves the program, their “Wine engine” or adding new features. I created several videos about Crossover, about how to use some features and how to use the program itself. You can find them on the video tutorial section. This might help you to get to know the program better.

What are CrossTies?
CrossTies are a wonderful creation. It contains a script which does all the work for you to install the specific game. It does all pre-configuring and tweaks for you in the “Wine bottle” and installs the game for you in Crossover. There are hundreds of them already available for Crossover (from which I created many of them). But there still needs to be done thousands of CrossTies and I am the one who will focus on them the coming time. On the game pages you will find links to those Crossties which will do the work for you if own the Crossover program.

Where to get Crossover!!
So if you haven’t  Crossover yet, then get it up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial. The software is normally $39,99 and then you will get 6 months free updates. the more standard version is $59,99 with a year of free updates. (so the $20 extra is for the 6 months extra updates). However: when you use the promo code “bridgeover23” (without quotes) you get 10% off!! So make use of this discount now :)

Hope you enjoy Crossover as much as I do!

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