About myself

About Myself:

Ermm… Maybe something nice to start with: I am Paul The Tall. Why? Well, because I am quite tall (2.04 Meter). Why I started this website? I have been using an iMac for nearly 2 years and I noticed that there is something really missing, “Games”! Almost nothing! And if there are any, they are very expensive! This prevents people from switching completely to Mac OS X. So I went on an epic adventure for alternatives, what I found was not very satisfying; Bootcamp (Windows on a second partition), Virtual Machines….. But finally I stranded at “Wine” which led me to “Crossover”(made by Codeweavers). I really liked the program and wanted to learn more. I became an “advocate” for Codeweavers, I did some work for them and in return I was granted full operability over the program. I tested loads of PC games and software. After a lot of late coffee nights working and testing , I became a topadvocate with lots of experience making PC games work under Wine. After a while I bumped to some things what bothered me a bit. I wanted to start the games independently (as an Application). Besides that I wanted to choose the Wine-version which suited the best for the certain games. Then I found Wineskin… The “Enlightenment” for all my porting needs. My experience and Wineskin gave me the idea to make this website to help other people to make their favorite PC games work on their Mac.

I hope people will enjoy their Mac more.

Paul The Tall

Paul The Tall

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