About the Website

About this Site:

Welcome on the Paulthetall.com website. Where Mac gaming is possible! Get your favorite windows games working on your Mac without needing Windows anymore! No more boot camp, no more Virtual machines, just start your “ported” windows game as an app on your Mac.

Some import stuff to know:
As many of you guys know I do this site as a Hobby, I am not a company, so don’t expect from me to act like that. I have besides this hobby a 40 hours a week job and a personal life (yes I have), so please keep that in mind when emailing me all kind of stuff. I will of course help as much as I can when technical support is required or for other questions (best way is using the forums), but there is no way you might think that you can demand support on any way! See every help here as a gift and you will start to understand “appreciation”, and you will find out that thankfulness will be in most cases rewarded with even speeding up the process!

Some standard basic stuff:
I am not responsible for any damage or whatever using wrappers on my site on your system. Not that it will happen, but even if, I will not be responsible. The same for when games are not working on your system, and you bought the game on GamersGate. Gamersgate is not responsible when the specific windows game does not work on your Mac system. In most cases the game just works as in the video, but it may appear in some cases that the game does not work because of your Mac configuration, for example if you have an Intel graphics card which I did not test with the game. Gamersgate supports Windows games on Windows systems. Their native Mac games they sell are supported of course and you can spam them as much as you want if you have questions about those games.

Questions and Answering about this site and the wrappers:
Question: I can’t find the disc image or that setup file anywhere as shown in the video
Answer: As already mentioned in the video, commercial games are not included with the wrapper and is your part to arrange, so buy it somewhere (like on GamersGate) if you don’t own it already and install it in the wrapper as shown in the video. So don’t email me for serials, be legal and buy the game.

Question: Are all the Windows games mentioned on the site commercial games?
Answer: No, a lot of them are full free(ware) games, which can be freely downloaded and are a matter of move to desktop and double-click & play.

Question: What OSX versions are supported here?
Answer: Snow-leopard and Lion/Mountain Lion (Not PPC)

Question: Is Xquartz required to be installed?
Answer: The wrapper has it already built in, however there is an option in the wrapper to use the Xquartz version of your system.

Question: I am overwhelmed, how can I support your hard work?
Answer: Become a Premium member, Spread the word,  donate or check the forums to help out with some tasks.

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