Advent Rising for the Mac!

Advent Rising is a sweeping and evolving plot written by award-winning sci-fi author Orson Scott Card. In this game you will witness the advent of humanity as written by a master of science-fiction – Orson Scott Card. With 12 unique weapons and 8 superhuman powers you will not only crash through hordes of aliens but also watch one of the best stories ever told in video games! What else do you need to get convinced?. This game is available on and works great using Crossover! Check out the trailer for the gameplay, it’s fun!

Advent Rising is a third person perspective action adventure game in which you play as Gideon Wyeth – a rookie space pilot. Having a loving fiancee and a promising life he is chosen to participate in one of the most important missions in the history of humanity – first contact with an alien race. Although the humans were greeted with honor, the aliens also gave them a warning – there is another vicious race, known as “The Seekers”, dedicated to eradicating the human species. Soon after receiving that information the invasion and Gideon’s adventure begin.

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