Ahriman’s Prophecy for the Mac!

Here a special FREE game for you guys/girls today! You like Final Fantasy games? To the Moon? Well with 50+ Hours of gameplay, 40+ quests, Ahriman’s Prophecy will completely fit in your needs. For some game-play you can check out the walkthrough of someone below.

Simply Download the Portingkit, download the the game to play!

Amaranth Productions proudly introduces Ahriman’s Prophecy, a beautiful fantasy world doomed to be destroyed by Ahriman. In a desperate attempt to stop the prophecy, the Daughters of Light send you, a young but powerful magic wielder, on a difficult quest to unlock the secrets of the prophecy and hopefully, learn how to stop it. If you enjoy classic RPGs like Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger, you’re going to love Ahriman’s Prophecy.

Download the Portingkit up here…

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