Alarm for Cobra 11 – Nitro Mac

Alarm for Cobra 11 – Nitro is an amazing game for only $4,99 on Gamersgate. It’s not just a race game, it’s much more then that. It gives indeed adrenaline when you are riding high speed avoiding cars and trying to get in time on a specific place are, or trying to demolish a car of some terorrists. Loads of missions and options and great graphics. So where are you waiting for?

The motorway Police are back with a complete new game play. Here the pace is gruelling; adrenalin filled and can decide your destiny in seconds. For the police this means high tension, constant red alert and pure stress. And this combination is definitely the secret of success behind „Alarm for Cobra 11“.The most successful German action series fascinates its audience of millions with racy criminal cases, top class stunts, a sympathetic team of investigators and the main ingredient for every motorway thriller, spectacular high speed pursuits. It’s a concept that isn’t just a thrill guarantee in Germany, but has meanwhile captured the enthusiasm of audiences in eighteen countries.

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