All ports are now updated to WISI3!

You may have noticed the past days and a while back, that there were hundreds of port updates in the Porting Kit database. In these updates the game description was updated, ports got updated to the latest Wine Engines, and when updating, the port was also upgraded to a new Script version (WSI3). This new script version is much more advanced, then it’s predecessors. With this script we can let it do all kind of actions before and after installations and even do actions depending on GFX cards! This is very important to make Porting Kit an advanced application which will configure ports for you fitting the best for your configuration. The possibilities are massive and will be further implemented on the game ports through time.

But that’s not all, now we made all ports WSI3, all ports should be Linux ready (compatible) as well! What  does this mean? Well, with this update, the long announced Linux version (or even Windows version?) of Porting Kit will finally coming very soon!

The update is also the final breath of Porting Kit 3. Although everyone should got a message that they need to update to Porting Kit 4 , will now see a completely empty game library, because Porting Kit 3 cannot read/handle WSI3 files. Users of Porting Kit 3 should have seen the decline of ports in the database there past days, and now it’s completely empty. An upgrade to Porting Kit 4 is a must now to be able to install new ports.

More news of new features and options, and about the Linux version will follow soon!

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  1. Will I need to reinstall my games when I have Portinkit 4 installed to get the updated Wine Engines and scripts? Or does that not matter when the games rund fine now?

  2. No actions required. You only notice the change when installing a new game. When installed already, no actions needed.

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