Always Sometimes Monsters for Mac OSX

Game Details:

Welcome to the Always Sometimes Monsters game page. This game is now Native Mac on If you don’t own the game yet, I strongly advise you to buy Always Sometimes Monsters on

Game description:
Always Sometimes Monsters is a unique roleplaying game set in the modern world. You take on the life of your character for 30 days as you try and make it from the east coast to the west coast before your one true love marries someone else. Along the way you’ll face a myriad of choices that will alter the course of your journey and change the fate of your character. These decisions will affect the characters you encounter and the world around them, but few things are ever as binary as right and wrong. Your unique story will be shaped by your personal ethical compass, with none other like it.



[custom_frame_left]ASM mac Screenshot 3[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]ASM mac Screenshot 1[/custom_frame_left]

[custom_frame_left]ASM mac Screenshot 2[/custom_frame_left]

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