Amiga Wrapper update!

Amiga isn’t dead as many people think. At least not in the Amiga fan’s hearts, and not on the Mac! Because we still have the Amiga Wrapper!! This Project took me a couple of weeks to accomplish and for me very important as I grew up with it. It’s always nice to hear from people that they were looking for this application everywhere and finally stumbled on it on my site. Check out the project page to see the demonstration video for good old times. This Wrapper is one of the 3 Premium games on my website and can be obtained when becoming a Silver Premium Member and a proof of purchase of Amiga Forever (Because of the licensed ROMS). The valued Edition is already sufficient. Enjoy this amazing Wrapper!

– Tested and works even on OSX 10.10 Yosimite!
– New Icon

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amiga 3

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  1. That’s Nice Work Paul. You are amazing. Do you have any instructions on how to use workbench. It’s been so long I have forgotten how to use it. And also when I used to use my amiga, I just used to put the disks in and turn it on and off. Any instructions on how to use it and load ROMs etc would be grate.

    Thank you again. You have allowed me to relive my youths. I am hoping to play my old games. Woohoo.

    Kind Regards

  2. My advise is to use the whd games, these are the hdd installed games. No discs are needed that way. here is the link:

    download the files and you just simply put them into the hdd folder doing: rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> c_drive –> Winuae and put them in the hardisk folder (dunno exactly the name because I am at my work now) when you are done. Launch the wrapper and you will find the games in the hardisk and simply move the game to the specific place you want and launch it! thats it! When I am home I will make a tutorial about it as well.

  3. Thanks Paul – you’re a champion.

  4. Paul, Do you know if I can get a joystick that I can use with my macbook.

    Have you got one for when you play the Amiga Games? Also am I also able to play games PCs?

    Thanks Paul.

  5. Hi Hieng, No I do everything with my keyboard.
    Cursor keys + cmd (fire)

    Games pcs? You mean pc games? Well, I port windows games as well, you can find my ported games in the ported games section (see top bar)

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