Aquanox 2 for the Mac!

This is the second Portingkit only application where I don’t need to host the Wrapper anywhere. The free Portingkit will do all the work for all new game port releases from now on. Aquanox 2 is an action game where you find yourself undersea fighting and surviving. You can buy this game from Gamersgate and download the “Download Aquanox 2- Revelation.exe” file from your Gamersgate library to your downloads folder where the Portingkit will do the rest :) Tested the game on my Nvidia 640M iMac and works native windows. I made another video instruction for this game using the Portingkit including some gameplay! Have fun!

Aquanox 2: Revelation chases the player through high-energy action and sinister underwater cities. A gripping story, striking characters and the overwhelming architecture of the underwater world are framed by an ingenious user interface. Bonus objectives as well as hidden bonus weaponry guarantee each missions’ re-playability. Tactics and patience complement the fast-paced dogfights. The player becomes a member of a group of eight mercenaries crossing the oceans.

Simply download the Portingkit (if you don’t have it already) and go to the library –> server tab and select the “Aquanox” game and click download. If you don’t own the game yet the Portingkit can direct you to the game page where to purchase it and download the setup/download file to your download folder. When you clicked “no” and were directed to the game page, you have to click “download” again and then click “yes” so the Portingkit will install the game for you. After installation the Portingkit will say the installation was done successfully. Then go to your “local” tab where you can select the game and click “play”!

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