Assassin Creed Revelation Wrapper update!

Finally an update for the Assassin Creed Revelation Port! The Wrapper suffered with some flaws which causes glitches for the latest Nvidia cards and even a crash after patching it to 1.03! All this stuff is fixed in the new Wrapper. I played this game on my Nvidia 640M GFX iMac and it runs quite well. The game still suffers (as for Assassin Creed 1) with a slight performance issue which makes the game not perfect, but still good to play. You can play the game with a 512mb GFX card in 1920×1080 resolution without making the performance worse, so I was quite happy with the result.  The Porting Kit has Uplay pre-installed, so its a matter of download the wrapper –> Extract –> login –> activate the serial–> download and play! So have fun!

– Uplay pre-installed
– Graphic glitch fix Nvidia Cards
– Fix crash which appeared after latest patch.

Download the new port for Porting Kit up here…

Assassin Creed revelation

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