Asterix and Caesars Challenge for the Mac!

Here another remake which I will do regularly between the normal commercial game ports. This time a remake of the Classic Asterix and Obelix! This beat em up game which has a lot away of Double Dragon, but then with romans and tigers and gladiators and such.  It’s free, and simply extract and play! Share it on your facebook or google+ account because a lot of remakes will come as an extra bonus for the fans! Below a video of the gameplay of the fan made game!

Caesar has built a mighty palisade around Asterix’ village, so the villagers stay in. To show Caesar that they can freely go wherever they want, our two friends set out on a journey across all countries in the Roman empire, bringing back a souvenir from each, so they can mock Caesar’s palisade. Asterix and Caesar’s Challenge is a pretty good Beat’ Em’ Up. Graphically, it doesn’t just have a good resemblance with the comics. It’s completely identical to them, and includes cutscenes, showing pages of the comic, along with the cover of it, so you know from which book that area’s taken from.

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