Attractio for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Millions of inhabitants in the Solar System look forward to the new season of the controversial reality show: Attractio. In this reality show the contestants solve deadly puzzles knowing there is a high probability of not leaving alive. In this season the Grand Prize will be chosen by the winner, leaving exposed their most valuable or darkest interest…  Attractio is available for purchase on Gamersgate as well and if you want to have an introduction of the game, then check out the trailer in the slider above.

Game description:
This famous and deadly reality show located in the Entertainment Space Station orbiting Mars is seen by millions throughout the solar system!…You’ll be able to immerse yourself into three parallel character story lines (Dalek, Mia and Keir) where, helped with technology like the Attractio Gravity Boots and the Gravity Gun, the contestants could stay alive and win the prize or simply fail in the attempt.



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