Banished for the Mac! (Update)

Update: Its seemed that the Wrapper worked fine on Nvidia but not on AMD Radeon and Intel Graphics Macs. Fixed that part now with the latest wrapper update of Banished! Works now on Intel Graphics, AMD Radeon and Nvidia! Enjoy!!

On request and just out for 2 days: Banished! Build a city with any layout you want with almost no restriction on when, what, and where you build. Keep the population happy and healthy by providing them with food and warm shelter. Watch the town grow as you assign 20 different jobs to build buildings, grow food, craft tools and clothing, and more! The game doesn’t work in Crossover yet so I made Wrapper for it. Crossover will stay primary on the site, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make any Wrappers now and then :). I won’t make for each game a new video anymore, only when some specific instructions are needed. Normally its just very basic: extract –> install game into wrapper –> set the start executable and play! If you don’t own the game yet, I strongly advise you to buy Banished on which is DRM free. Check out the trailer below to get introduced to the game!

Banished is a city building game where you control a group of exiled people who are restarting their lives in the wilderness. They have only the clothes on their backs and a cart filled with supplies from their homeland. The townspeople work, build, get older, have children, and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy, and fed are essential to making a successful town grow. Any structure can be built at any time, provided that your people have collected the resources to do so.

Download the Wrapper on the new game page here…

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  1. When i click ur unzip file and then click ur banished icon it says “” “Banished” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.””

  2. Also when i click your wineskin after clicking show package contents it says “Wineskin” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

  3. This has to do with mavericks. To fix it you should go to the security settings of your Mac –> general tab and in the bottom select the option that all apps are approved to be downloaded. That should fix the matter. Its the security setting messing it up.

  4. This info is also provided/explained in the FAQ (top bar menu)

  5. does not come up with the wrapper when i click the wrapper link

  6. Fixed the slider, no idea what was going on… really wierd, this one is way popular mybe because of overcrowdyness or something….

  7. Thanks for doing this!
    I have a problem though: Everytime I start it, it turns on my home theater receiver and switches to AirPlay. Sounds are still on the mac though.. No music.

    I managed to start it once without turning on AirPlay, and then I had music.

    Where is the audio source setting?

  8. Tried reinstalling and editing the audio settings in Advanced in Wine, even though I changed it to Built-In output, it still activated AirPlay, sounds, but no music.

    Tried reinstalling again, but now the Banished app only opens up a DirectX installer…?

  9. You are messing up the controlls man. Trash wrapper extract wrapper again, install game into wrapper and set the game executable to banished.exe )don’t click the “launch now” button after install! about the sound, it simply works in the game (not in menu), about your airplay settings, dont mess with that, I know from experience from airplay that when putting sound to airplay and back can be a pain in the ass. Make sure you set this back to normal on your iMac in your sound settings. Many thousands of people are enjoying this game with the wrapper, so nothing wrong with the wrapper in this case.

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