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Calling to assemble the troops! We need your help! We want to make Porting Kit better and better and want to develop it more and more to handle more and more awesome features. A lot of cool things are in the pipeline to be added, like multiplayer support between Porting Kit users, Full PS4 Controller support, Linux version of Porting Kit, special content for Patrons, of course many more cool game ports and many many more.

To get this done, we need your support. Maintaining Porting Kit is a very cost taking thing, and as it all started as a hobby project, Porting Kit is way ahead with hundreds of thousands of users. All needing of bandwidth and hosting of files like engines, installers and other stuff which makes Porting kit function as it now does. Vitor and I are putting a lot of our free-time and effort trying to make you as comfortable as it can be for using Porting Kit. And you can help :)

Become a Patron for only $1,- (or more) to support our work in order to maintain our course for Porting Kit, and get added to our Special Thanks page. This for starters, many more stuff will be added for Patrons shortly as for more special features which will be only available for Patrons. The Forum will be prepared for Patrons as well :)

Join us in our crusade and become a Patron! Many thanks in advance!

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