Big Sur and Porting Kit 4.0 Beta and Testers!

Here a quick heads up regarding Big Sur and Portingkit 4.0 Beta and testing. Lets handle those subjects in differend parts:

Porting Kit 4.0 News:
We are finally getting to point, that a Beta release will follow within weeks! It will be at first a basic (refined) application without all kind of extra’s then that it can  install games from the database and create custom ports. This app will be really interesting for Catalina and up because of the way it handles security and can be used SIP enabled. Besides that the app will be available for download as a dmg file instead of zip file, where you have to move the app to the apps folder. It’s signed and noterised, so no extra security settings are required to manage. I will put in a new blog post when the Beta is ready for download. We would really urge you when this happen to test it on your systems and give us feedback regarding bugs and issues.

Big Sur News:
Big Sur is coming very soon and we are getting ready for it. I tested about 12 games in one of the latest beta’s and it all seems to work similar as in Catalina so far. So I am positively suprised how it works so far without big issues. Of course there a few small hickups, but not that big that it gives us big headeaches. When the BETA of PK 4.0 arrives we would like to start with beta testers who want to check their games and games from the database on Big Sur, so we have a good picture of the problems in Big Sur regarding games so we can fix them. There will be no need for registering as beta tester, so everyone can help us out :)


More news will follow soon…

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