Big Sur OS 10.16, don’t update yet!!

Yeah, I am sorry for quite a late reply regarding the Mac OS 10.16 – Big Sur update. Normally I am quit early regarding Mac OS updates, but I was not able to react yet on this subject. But now we are, I can tell you that Big Sur has some challenges, also with Rosetta and such. We want to be fully certain, that things work properly in Big Sur.

Because of all the changes Apple makes lately it is extreme hard to follow-up, especially while we are a team doing this in our freetime. We all have jobs, and wives/children and or girlfriends which consumes a lot of time. So also for Catalina OS 10.15 we were (although we had a “workaround” solution with SIP disabled) a year behind. Because now we have finally a solution for Catalina to have it SIP enabled (with Porting Kit 4.0 where the beta will be released very soon), Big Sur arrives again with it’s own challenges. Then we have soon another problem because Apple drops Intel chips and starts with its own chips….(yeah challenge after challenge). About that part we don’t have a solution yet….luckily we are a year further when this starts to be a big concern. So lets hope in the meantime we will get a solution for that and we eagerly look at Codeweavers to do magic for that matter.

Summed up, don’t update to Big Sur yet, if you have access for preview versions and such. We are very busy with PK 4.0 which will be a must have with all the new enhancements, especially for Catalina OS 10.15 (SIP enabled), and Dean (Wineskin) will be testing a new CX engine in Big Sur, to have Wineskin and Porting Kit Running in there.

We keep you posted in this. Meanwhile enjoy Porting Kit on Mac OS Catalina 10.15 and below :)

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  1. Thanks for doing all this in your free time!

    And I know that one day you will give us a port for Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and I will be a happy man.

  2. Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to this awesome application!

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