Bionic Dues released for the Mac!

Bionic Dues, a tactical turn-based roguelike where you command a squad of mechas to liberate a besieged city, has arrived on No one expects a buffer overflow in a city’s robotic population. For reasons unknown to us meatbags, the robotic populace of Port City has gone absolutely mad. This robotic rabble rousing is costing the Maxitrode Corp. millions of tourism dollars because being in the middle of rioting robotic rampagers dismatling a city is never on the itinerary. Your squad of Exo pilots has been called in to deal with electronic menace once and for all. You’ll have to be quick about it as the corporation in charge of the city has set you up the bomb to raze the city to contain the robotic riots. Don’t let the nukes drop! Check out the trailer of the game-play below!

Bionic Dues is a tactical, turn-based (hooray for turn-based!) roguelike where you pilot a squad of Exo pilots to liberate the besieged Port City from a robotic riot. Pilot mechs, gather loot, visit the black market for more equipment, and even discover advanced versions of Exos while taking on more than 100 missions.

Seize your copy of Bionic Dues for $4.99 (50% off the full price) until 9:59 AM GMT on 22nd May 2014, DRM-free, on!

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