The Blackwell Epiphany released for the Mac!

The Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth supernatural murder and mystery story in Wadjet Eye Games old-school point-and-click series with classic 2D graphics and a chilling story, is now just released and available on for $14.99.. Simply buy the Mac game from and download and play. Checkout the trailer below!

The Blackwell Epiphany serves as the fifth and final installment of the supernatural murder-mystery adventure series from Wadjet Eye Games. As usual, the game is a real treat for the fans of classic point-and-click gameplay and traditional hand-crafted 2D graphics. The game is longer than any of the previous ones, and–being the climax to Rosa Blackwell’s story–it promises more excitement, drama, and danger. Our heroine and her opacity-impaired partner, the spirit-sleuth Joey Mallone, will face their ultimate challenge. Can you see them safe through it?

I made game page of the game up here…

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