Blade Runner for Mac

Great news! Blade Runner (DVD version) is added to Porting Kit! The DVD version works out of the box, and works great! Played for a while and tested also saving and loading games. Really recommended if you love detective adventures and a good story. If you love detective games like Blade runner, then you may also like: Tex Murphy – Under a Killing Moon or Tex Murphy Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum (both native Mac). Have fun with this one!!

This is an incredible game that submerses you into the storyline like no other. It is based on the 1980 movie and has a lot of the characters from it but follows an original storyline. The controls are intuitive and are very easy to learn. The story has several endings depending on the decisions that you make.

Go to the game page for the simple instructions + more up here…

Blade Runner for Mac

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