The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 released for Mac!

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 has been released for “Early Access” for the Mac! The game isn’t finished yet. Right now the orchestra recordings are missing and they want to improve some things here and there in the course of this year. And of course there may be bugs in the game that will be fixed until the final version. But it is a 95% finished version of the game. Every 4-6 weeks a new chapter will be added. The game is available on Gamersgate and can be added in the Mac steam in order to play it on your Mac. Simply download the game in the Mac steam and play! Have fun!

A few years have passed since our heroes heroically defeated the arch-witch Mortroga. And their lives, like the lives of most people in Aventásia, are still in turmoil. The War of the Two Towers is over, but the wounds it left upon the land are still bleeding. But fate does not rest. A darkness has fallen upon the land, or rather, a pinkness. A magic force is turning mighty beasts into fluffy plush puppies and towering castles into oversized dollhouses. Every world needs its heroes. However unlikely they may seem.

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