Boulderdash Remake added to Porting Kit

In this free game port Boulder Remake (aka Boulder Dash Remake) you play as a person in a cave who must find all the diamonds in the cave and then make it to the exit before time expires. This is much easier said than done. It is a very difficult game. There are many obstacles to overcome. Some of which are: Balls can fall on you. Items can case after you. And of course there are barriers. If the 16 already made caves are to hard, modify them or make your own with the built in cave editor.

There is not much music in Boulder Remake but make sure you have the sound on so you will hear the neat sound effects. In full screen mode the game uses a 640×480 resolution with a black border around the cave. The in game help accessed by pressing ‘H’ is very good but make sure you pause your game first. or time will run out.

Play the game using Porting Kit and go to the game page here…

Boulderdash remake added to Porting Kit

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