Bully – Scholarship Edition for Mac!

On request: Bully: Scholarship Edition! I tested the Gamersgate edition (now a Steam serial), in the Steambuild1 Wrapper and works fine. I played the game about 2 hours without any issues. Make sure you in the ingame options increase the mouse sensitivity to “2.0” or higher for proper mouse movement for camera view. A good video-card is recommend though. I played the game in the highest resolution (1600×900) without issues on my Nvidia 640M iMac with 512MB. Enjoy!

Note: The game won’t work on most Intel graphic cards (Like Intel Graphics HD 4000/5000), but seems to work on Intel Iris. It might be that the Mac driver needs to be turned off for the Intel Iris gfx cards doing: right-click wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screen settings and deselect the mac driver. Game works great on Nvidia Mac’s (512mb advised).

Install Instructions: 
Download the Portingkit using the link below and extract it –> then double-click the Portingkit and go to the server library tab –> search for Bully Scholarship and download the WSI file which will create a Wrapper including Steam. Then when creation is finished, go to the local library tab and launch Bully and login into the Windows steam and activate the Bully: Scholarship Edition (if you don’t own it yet) serial and download and play!

Download the Portingkit up here…

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