Bus Simulator 2 for the Mac!

Bus Simulator 2 for Mac is part of the Salvage, Excavation & Transport Simulator Triple Pack (9,99, for 3 games!) and cannot be bought individually on Gamersgate. Don’t worry another game of this triple pack (Surface Mining Simulator) was already ported 2 days back. Game works great using my tests on my on my Nvidia 640M. Below a video with the gameplay trailer. Enjoy this one!

Download and extract the Wrapper —> get the game from Gamersgate and install it into the Wrapper doing: double-click the Wrapper –> install windows software –> navigate to the Gamersgate setup file –> the client will download the game and will start the installer –> run through the install process and set the start executable and play using double-clicking the wrapper! Have fun!

Take control of the wheel as you aim to become a public transport mogul and build a successful bus company. With twelve detailed buses to drive and a huge map featuring everything from the inner city to the harbour, villages and country roads, the choice of route network is yours. Create your business to best serve your customers and to generate profit. Will you continue to expand your fleet of service buses or will you venture into the lucrative coach tour market?

Download the Wrapper up here…

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