Cake Shop for Mac OSX

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Game Details:

Nice business simulation game running a cake store from Simply sownload and play! For OSX 10.9x Mavericks users in order to play the game, make sure to set the right security settings, or it will say the file is damaged or that the file is from an undefined developer.

Game description:
Cake Shop is a time management game where you run a virtual store that sells many goodies including cupcakes, fairy floss, coffee, soft drink and icecream. Each menu item is added one at a time. For example, on the first day you only need to serve customers cakes, then on the second day coffee is introduced, and on the third soft drink etc. The faster you serve the customers, the more tips they leave, and the quicker you improve your virtual cake shop by upgrading equipment.

Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: NVIDIA 9400M graphics card, AMD Radeon 6770M
OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.2+ compatible?: Yes
Whats tested: Playing a while
Does Multiplayer work?: Not tested
Known Issues: When exiting the game there will be an error window which you need to click away.
Whats not tested: Intel graphical cards
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