Catalina OS 10.15.x update + other good news!

Dear fellow Porting Kitters :) I have some great news at the Porting front. It looks like Codeweavers, with their Crossover 19 beta release have tackled the 32-bit/64-bit problem. They found a way to translate the 32-bit processes to 64-bit processes with as far as tested not much performance loss. This awesome news means that Porting Kit will “drive along” with this success when the final Crossover 19 release is there and the Engine is accessible for Porting Kit use. Even when that’s done, there might be some other challenges, but the main thing will be finally there. So if we are lucky we can start the new year with a fully Catalina ready Porting Kit where you can keep playing your 32-bit games in the latest Mac OS. If you can’t wait, you can get Crossover up here…  and use it along with Porting Kit when it’s Catalina ready. So when you want to keep using Porting Kit for the the time being, don’t update  to Catalina yet!! Only brought the good news :)

Other good news, we most likely found the bug causing the main exe found after having played a game for a while. Cause is in most cases that you got a pop-up about updating Wineskin to the latest version and when choosing “yes”, it caused the problem, when choosing no, you could keep playing. We are working on the fix, so in the next Porting kit release (coming really soon) that issue is addressed.  With this fix and others, Porting Kit will be a quite stable again.

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