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Sim Tower for the Mac!

Sim Tower is now available for Mac! It is time to play this nostalgic game again on your Mac. I used the free abandonware version from in this Wrapper and works quite nice. The game is windowed and can be slightly adjusted in size stretching the window using the corners of the window. Hope you guys like it! Have fun, its free!

Bugs and tips (Thanks Michael Stenlund):
1. To save a game you need to overwrite one of the 3 save games (save1, save2 or save3) I put into the save folder.
2. The windows: Info Bar and Map Window can not be dragged and moved around.
3. Changing costs involves using arrow keys instead of mouse. For the player to be able to change a cost, for example, the cost to rent a hotel room, they need to click the cost and use the arrow keys before the cost will be saved by clicking OK. As the memory use intensifies for this program, after several hours of gameplay it has been noted that the using the arrow keys is not enough. The next solution is to use the arrow keys, click OK, and repeat that step up to 5x to save the new price. A quick cmd+tab to Mac OS X and tab back to Wine solves the issue instantly.
4. No full screen

SimTower allows the player to build and manage the operations of a modern, multi-use skyscraper. They must plan where to place facilities in the tower that include restaurants, condominiums, offices, and elevators. To prevent tenants from vacating their properties, the player must keep their stress low by fulfilling their demands for medical centers, parking lots, recycling facilities, clean hotel rooms with the help of housekeepers, and an efficient transportation system, which involves managing elevator traffic. SimTower, which was built around an elevator simulation program, places a strong emphasis on good elevator management.

You can find the game in the Porting Kit up here…