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Top WordPress Trends for 2018

Top WordPress Trends for 2018
There is very little reason to waste time talking about the popularity the platform or its unique user-friendliness. These are facts that are well known. Instead, let us quickly get into the Top WordPress Trends for 2018.

#1 Trend: Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a virus that has infected the entire world. From real money punt online casino to landscape workers, the entire world is in love with VR. Already WP supports 360° content. Augmented reality and VR will definitely form part of the SEO strategy for many big websites.

#2 Trend: Video
By the time that we celebrated the last days of 2017 Video was already a big aspect of web designs. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to anticipate a change in 2018. Finally, video in the header position has caught on. The idea has been around for a long time. Another popular place to put the video in 2018 is in the background.

#3 Drag and Drop WP Themes
Drag and Drop WP themes seem to attract more and more attention. They were a huge trend last year and people seem to still be captivated by them. Being able to buy a theme and be able to customize it without any knowledge coding frees up a lot of time for the web developer. This time can be spent experimenting with ways to better optimize the site.

As usual, WordPress is already working on the next update release. Naturally, users can expect improvements in a lot of areas. It will be easier managing the website and there will be fixes to the bugs in the current version of WP. There are rumours that the WP 5.0 will totally revolutionise content management.

With eCommerce sites being the majority of WP sites it can be safely expected that there is going to be developed in that department. It is money after all that makes the WordPress ecosystem to survive and thrive.

Mega Moolah Slot Review

If you’re looking for a big progressive win, Mega Moolah is the ultimate game to play. As  top progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah is known for its multi million dollar prizes (you can read article at With the major jackpot starting at $1 million, it regularly pays out over $5 million and the biggest payout ever was a whopping £13,212,882. Not only is it potentially lucrative, Mega Moolah is also heaps of fun to play, with some great special features, a well-designed theme and enough variation to keep you interested for a long time.

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with a fun African safari theme. You can also play the same game with an Egyptian, American and Holiday theme if you feel like a bit of variety. The symbols are different but the gameplay is exactly the same and you get access to the same networked jackpot, no matter which version you’re on.

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Major Millions Slot Game

Progressive jackpot games are the ideal choice for online slot players who are serious about making money, and Major Millions is one of the most fun and potentially lucrative progressive jackpot games out there. While its sister game Mega Moolah might get all the glory, Major Millions is well worth a look as it has plenty to offer players of all different levels.

Major Millions embodies a fun, military style theme with all the symbols themed around this idea including medals, binoculars, planes, warships and even a tank. Unlike most other online slots there are none of the generic playing card symbols in this game – everything is consistent with the military theme. The main jackpot at Major Millions might not be the guaranteed $1 million plus that you’ll find at Mega Moolah but it seeds at $250,000 and goes up from there. The average win is around $570,000, which makes it well worthwhile. The biggest win at Major Millions is just short of $2 million so you could be in for a shot at a major hunk of cash.

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The Gambling Industry Is Looking Towards A Mobile Future

It’s remarkable to see how far the gambling industry has adapted to mobile technology over the last decade or so. Without question the advent of the smartphone combined with widespread WIFI and 3/4G connectivity has been the driving force behind this trend. Before smartphones it was possible to place bets via mobile although often the experience was inconvenient and sometimes bordering upon tortuous!

In no way did the mobile experience have any similarities to the online casinos that people could enjoy via their PCs. Happily all this is a distant memory and now the tables have turned, with casinos and game developers now focusing the majority of their attention towards delivering a superb mobile experience. In this article we’ll take a look into why the gambling industry is becoming ever more driven by mobile, as well as what developments we can expect to enjoy in the near future.

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(Advertisement) Real money gaming industry preferring dedicated Apps

With the real money gaming industry preferring dedicated apps, it seems that the industry at large is going to change. Dedicated apps are still relatively rare in the online gaming industry, which only a few of the major online casinos coming up with dedicated apps at this stage. The Euro Palace online casino is one of them. However, other online casinos are following the example of the Euro Palace Real Money Casino. Soon, the entire industry is going to transform as a result.

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(Advertisement) Online casinos is a serious well managed buisness

Online casinos is a serious well managed buisness, and some people still seem to have a hard time with that idea. They seem to think that just because it is fun to go to an online casino that it must also be fun to run an online casino. Many of the people who are involved in the entertainment industry are faced with this bias from the people who have clearly never done anything like that before in their lives. Online casinos is a serious well managed buisness, and running an online casino and making it work is a job just like any other job.

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Online Gambling in Australia – A Perfect Example for Legal Grey Zones Online


Australia is a country with a bit of a gaming controversy. On one hand, no local company or individual is allowed to offer interactive gambling services to locals, as per the IGA passed in 2001. On the other hand, over 80% of all Australians have gambled online at least once a year. They either bet on sports, or try the best Aussie online casino pokies, or even engage in table games – many of them daily. And all this at operators that stay out of the Australian government’s reach, in a legal “gray zone”.

Online casinos are popular in Australia

Despite the country having no online casinos – these are banned by law -, locals have no legal restriction on playing at offshore operators. Which makes gaming destinations like the Royal Vegas Casino an attractive target for local players. And they don’t need to use proxies or even the dark web to play there. As the country implements the IGA in a relatively loose way, locals are free to navigate to the websites they wish, make deposits using their local currency, and play whichever games they like.

And the Royal Vegas Casino is even more attractive for locals – as many players from other countries as well – because it is among the best-rated operators out there. During its history of over a decade, the Royal Vegas Casino has built its reputation as a trustworthy, fair place to play, with many benefits for those willing to take their gaming to them. And it still works to offer more: new games are added to the Royal Vegas Casino library each month, and it also keeps expanding to new platforms, like virtual reality and smartwatches.

Licensed Australian gambling destinations

Some of the major players on the international gambling market have “invaded” the Australian market, offering their local players a local brand to seek for. Among them, you can find some of the largest gambling companies, like Bet365, William Hill, or the eternal master of mischief, Paddy Power. These have either expanded to Australia by launching their own branded operations there or – like in the case of Paddy Power – through acquiring and assimilating an existing local operator.

But the same IGA that prevents casinos from setting foot on Australian soil heavily restricts the services these operators can offer. The local law currently only allows pre-game sports bets to be placed, with no further services (not even in-play betting) permitted. No in-play, which is very popular among players in other countries, because – as per the IGA – that counts as “interactive” gambling.

The Aussie government has reviewed the IGA in 2013, and recommendations have been made for the regulation of interactive online casino games. But this is a long process which can take years. Until then the gray zone it is for Aussie players.