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Why You Should Be Playing at an Online Casino in 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has surely shut down the brick and mortar casino gaming industry. Meaning, a lot of gamblers had to struggle to get decent access to their real money gaming. Making the online casino industry the best go-to option for casino gaming.

But, if you are still having your doubts about the online casinos industry, here are some reasons why you should be re-considering in 2020.

Online Casinos are the Safest Option Right Now
There are a lot of risks that are surrounding the whole land casino gaming scene. Therefore, if you feel like you will be vulnerable why not pick the safest option available. The online casino industry will give zero risks of contracting any deadly disease.

This is because there is no need for physical contact with anyone. Meaning, you can easily self-quarantine at home and still win real money.

Better Convenience
Apart from contracting deadly diseases, there is a lot of hassle and tassel that comes with playing at a land casino in the COVID 19 era. Therefore, why not sign up with the biggest kiwicasinos casino online right now and get better real money deals.

For example, land casinos are coming with a lot of rules that will probably wear you out before you even start your real money gaming.  You will need to stand in a line to get your temperature taken, you will also have to sanitize and make sure that you are following the social distancing rules and so many more.

 No time Restrictions
Online casinos will be available for you throughout the whole 24 hours of the day. Meaning. You can just wake up from your sleep and immediately start on your casino gaming. There are no open hours and closing hours at an online casino.

And the best part is that you  do not even have to waste your gaming time away waiting for the next slot machine to open for gaming. Online casinos come with instant play.

Listen to Music While Driving Helps to Calm the Heart

Driving can be daunting especially if you are going on a long journey or if you are stuck in traffic. All this can actually take a toll on your heart. But if you feel like you need a cheer, you can park and play online casino games at  and win big prizes. At the same time, there is also an alternative for that. Listening to music whilst driving can be very amusing. This practice will offer you a good mood and relax your mind enabling you to have high concentration levels.

Even though music can still calm our hearts and make us drive properly. There are also other things that music offers whilst we are driving.

Music Reduce Heart Rate
Those who drive their cars without music on will experience lower levels of parasympathetic nervous systems. This will then result in the reduction in heart rate. Moreover, to those who drive without music on they will always remain stressful making it difficult for them to concentrate.

Know your Music Apps
Even though music and french online casinos enable us to feel at ease amid a lot of pressure and other negative circumstances. It is also great to make sure that you know your music apps and the type of music you want to listen to.

Furthermore, various music apps allow you to choose the best music of your choice. That will allow you to enjoy the best music that will offer you peace of mind and increase your level of excitement and concentration.

Moreover, if you enjoy playing music whilst driving it is also recommended that you set up your speakers. This is to make sure that all your sound systems and the volume levels are in balance.

Above all, music apps come in dimes a dozen. Some allow you to pay a certain amount of money to use them, whereas some are available free. Therefore, the best free music app you can choose include:

  • Google Play Music
  • Pandora
  • Spotify

Common Myths About Traveling

The peak travel season is just around the corner as the holidays are almost here. With most people ready for traveling and probably a lot more planning, here are some common myths about traveling. Though they may have been true back then, today they are just but a thing of the past.

Topping the List is the Earlier you Buy a Plane Ticket the Cheaper It Will Be
A lot of people are still made to believe that buying an air ticket months before their travel will get them cheap tickets. However that has not been the case for a couple of years and prices vary depending on the seasons and busy periods. Moreover you can find a last minute deal that is even cheaper.

The Air in the Plane is “Recycled” and Transmits Bacteria and Disease
Although air on the plane may seem dry it does not transmit diseases. Airlines invest a lot of money and energy in pumping air out of the airplane, filtering and heating the air to ventilate the inside of the airplane or playing at bestusacasinosites casino . However, some of the air is recycled though it goes through the purification process.

Another Common Myth is sleeping on the Plane Prevents Jet Lag
Jet lag in simple terms is changes caused by different time zones around the world. Furthermore sleeping on the plane will not prevent this. Though there are different choices it is best to let the body balance the biological clock and the perception of time on its own.

The Assumption That Locals Know Best
This is a common myth that most people overlook when they travel during holidays or vacations. If you find yourself depending on locals for tourist advice then you might as well ask yourself when the last time you visited a local hotel or real money casinos was.

Knowing these common myths is beneficial if you are planning to travel after the lockdown. Also for gamblers who are looking forward to trying different casinos around the world.

Strange Nintendo Tech that You’ve Probably Forgotten

Nintendo has been everywhere. In fact, the company started from the bottom up. Years ago, Nintendo made toys and cards, and other interesting things too. The company is well known for creating such unique things that are interesting, offering out of the box tech gadgets.

However, we all know that with success, comes failure, and Nintendo is not an exception. Some of the ideas it introduced were quite strange. In this post, we share some of the strange Nintendo tech devices that you might have forgotten about. At the same time, we really hope that soon, the company will start offering gaming devices for top online casino games.

Nintendo is one of the first companies to introduce online gaming devices. In 1995, the company released the Satellaview in Japan. This tech device allowed users (kids) to access magazines, newzealandcasinos online pokies gamesand others, on their SNES’. The console could be connected to a BS tuner, which was a service based on subscription, offered by St. Giga. The idea was really great. However, the costs involved were too high and many people shied away from the device, as a result.

This device came with many great games, as well as allowing users access to other special editions of games. Also, users could transfer large files, which was way ahead of its time.

Wii Vitality Sensor & N64 Bio Sensor
This tech gadget was announced by Nintendo in 2009. At the time, motion controls had just started taking center stage and Nintendo wanted to offer something for the whole family. This device was capable of measuring your heart rate.

However, about 4 years later, the company announced that it was discontinuing the production of this product. This was because the gadget had failed to live up to expectations. In fact, the president of the company at the time said that production would be discontinued because the product was not working as they had hoped it would.

The Greatest Stadium in College Football History

There are different things that make a football stadium great. Just like online casino games, there are certain things that make best online casino game be better than the other does. Some stadiums are the greatest because of the memories, history, traditions and technology. Above all, a stadium is not complete without the presence of the fans. Therefore, the fans also play a huge role in making a stadium a fortress and the best place to be.

Various stadiums are in college football. Therefore, instead of honoring the players; it is also high time we give credit to the places that made them famous.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the greatest stadiums in college football history.

This stadium is popularly known as the “Death Valley.” It is built on top of the old cemetery ground. Memorial stadium is one of the most nerve-wracking places to play a game of football. For the visitors they will have to be brave to come out with a victory at this place.

Memorial Stadium, Clemson
The home side has always been in great form at home with their fans giving them extraordinary support. Surely, with a capacity of 81,500 you should expect something magnificent and have some memorable experience at Memorial Stadium.

Michigan Stadium, Michigan
This stadium is where a huge crowd gathers to offer massive support for their team or when they play blackjack game. The place is also known as the “Big House”. It is one of the largest and the most packed stadiums in college football. Back in 2013, the stadium recorded a whopping number of supporters ranging at 115,109. Surely, we believe that no other stadium has surpassed this kind of record of fans in the college football league.

At the end of it all, it’s all about the fanbase. These are the people who make things happen and they are the ones who make these record numbers of attendance come into effect.

Will Mad Box Close the Gap Between Consoles and PC?

Will Mad Box Close the Gap Between Consoles and PC?

The world of high-profile gaming is divided today, and the gap often seems to be too big to cross. On one hand, we have PC gamers with their superior game variety and constantly upgradeable hardware, on the other, the world of consoles with exclusive titles, backed by veritable giants in the world of technology and software. While “Triple-A” developers almost always release their games both on consoles and PC, independent developers will almost always stick to a single platform, meaning that console gamers will almost invariably miss out on a variety of amazing indie titles. On the other hand, console exclusives can be run on a PC with the help of emulators, the experience is often imperfect due to hardware limitations and the differences in control options. Sometimes, not even the official ports released by the game’s developers are good enough.

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Two Immortal Games Revived (And Released Across Platforms) In The New Millennium

In this day and age, new games are released perhaps every minute of every day. Their topics and formats are incredibly diverse, ranging from role-playing titles and shooters to puzzles, table games like blackjack, and new takes on classic formats, having everything covered. But there are some games that stood the test of time, that have proven to be valuable enough to be played even decades after their first emergence and decline. Many of these were reworked to appeal to modern-day audiences while keeping their original atmosphere (and looks) and are now playable on a variety of platforms.

One of the most eloquent examples is the “Monkey Island” series, launched in 1990 by Lucasfilm Games. In it, players get to join Guybrush Threepwood on his quest to become a pirate. It wasn’t the best-looking game of all time but it compensated with its humor and gameplay. The original game was released on floppy disk in 1990 and on CD-ROM two years later, covering every popular platform at the time, from MS-DOS to Amiga. A year later, it spawned a sequel along with two more in the coming years, and seemingly forgotten for almost a decade. In 2009, though, it received the “Special Edition” treatment, being released on the iPhone, Windows, and Xbox 360, followed by a PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, and iPad version a year later. Today, the series is all but dead (thanks to the untimely demise of Telltale Games) but its legacy lives on.

Although it wasn’t a major commercial success, System Shock 2 was one of the best games of its time. Released in the summer of 1999, it reaped all the accolades available at the time, ranging from several “Game of the Year” awards, almost all the stars it could get from various gaming publications and was credited with shaping the future of the horror FPS genre. Alas, it only sold less than 60,000 copies, so the developer ended support for it in 2000 when the developer Looking Glass Studios went down. Ultimately, Night Dive Studios secured the rights to the game and re-released it through in 2013, including a Mac OS X and Linux release of the title. Today, the company is working on both a remake of the first System Shock game, set to be released in 2020, and a sequel to System Shock 2 with a release date yet to be announced. It is very likely that both titles will be launched on as many platforms as possible, covering everything from gaming consoles to Mac OS X, perhaps even iOS and Android.

Tips to Take Your Video Gaming Skills Higher

Tips to Take Your Video Gaming Skills Higher

Tired of being a rookie?? Can’t stand the thought of being bad at a game you love? It all might be because you are going about it differently. Gaming is fun, yes but you do need to ensure that you read the rulebook first. THe primary reason your competitor might be getting better of you is because he knows a skill or a move that you don’t. Knowing the controls well can help you avoid it easily.  Many teens make millions from video games, and you can too!

The Top Tips You Need to Know to Play Better

  1. Defeat Distractions
    It has to be the game and you. That’s it. When you’re playing, it helps to focus more when you are alone. First, find ample time where no one would interrupt you. Don on your headphones. Keep people and your phone aside. Focus on what you are doing. Find answers to why are you repeatedly failing. Sweep aside your distractions, and you will do much better.
  1. Practice makes you perfect
    Interested in competitive combat games? Well, you will be good at it if you are willing to make time to practice. Put aside a couple of hours every day. Make a plan. Fail. Hone your skills. Make a plan again. Plan your practice sessions individually or with a friend or group you go gaming with. The more you persevere in practice, the more wins you will take away.
  1. Watch and learn
    Most experts put up their experiences on forums. These forums serve as ready reckoners for anyone who wants to up his/her skill. Be sure to browse as many of them as you can. These are called reading guides. The other articles you find are on writing guides. You can register and start putting up questions as to how you are doing stuff. That way you can get into discussions about that topic. You will realise either how correct your approach has been. Or you will learn the right direction from someone else.
  1. Buddy up
    Remember your first day at your first job? Did you need someone to guide you around? Without whom you probably would lose your way? That’s the beauty of a mentor system. When you are a rookie, having a mentor proves fruitful. It is one of the most effective ways to improve. Find yourself an online or real-life mentor who would enable you to be drastically better.
  1. Be positive
    Is the right temperament a cliché? No, it isn’t. It is imperative to be competitive in the gaming world. It is more important to have the right attitude which gets you there. Instead of discussing what you should do, let us consider what you shouldn’t do. Start with a couple of these:1. Don’t place blame on anyone for your abysmal performance
    2. Always observe and study the mistakes you make
    3. Have a plan to correct those mistakes
    4. Innovate and think outside the box
    5. Stop making excuses to yourself or others

The truth is, we can give you many suggestions. But what helps is to start believing and be determined. Happy gaming!

Top WordPress Trends for 2018

Top WordPress Trends for 2018
There is very little reason to waste time talking about the popularity the platform or its unique user-friendliness. These are facts that are well known. Instead, let us quickly get into the Top WordPress Trends for 2018.

#1 Trend: Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a virus that has infected the entire world. From real money punt online casino to landscape workers, the entire world is in love with VR. Already WP supports 360° content. Augmented reality and VR will definitely form part of the SEO strategy for many big websites.

#2 Trend: Video
By the time that we celebrated the last days of 2017 Video was already a big aspect of web designs. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to anticipate a change in 2018. Finally, video in the header position has caught on. The idea has been around for a long time. Another popular place to put the video in 2018 is in the background.

#3 Drag and Drop WP Themes
Drag and Drop WP themes seem to attract more and more attention. They were a huge trend last year and people seem to still be captivated by them. Being able to buy a theme and be able to customize it without any knowledge coding frees up a lot of time for the web developer. This time can be spent experimenting with ways to better optimize the site.

As usual, WordPress is already working on the next update release. Naturally, users can expect improvements in a lot of areas. It will be easier managing the website and there will be fixes to the bugs in the current version of WP. There are rumours that the WP 5.0 will totally revolutionise content management.

With eCommerce sites being the majority of WP sites it can be safely expected that there is going to be developed in that department. It is money after all that makes the WordPress ecosystem to survive and thrive.

Mega Moolah Slot Review

If you’re looking for a big progressive win, Mega Moolah is the ultimate game to play. As  top progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah is known for its multi million dollar prizes (you can read article at With the major jackpot starting at $1 million, it regularly pays out over $5 million and the biggest payout ever was a whopping £13,212,882. Not only is it potentially lucrative, Mega Moolah is also heaps of fun to play, with some great special features, a well-designed theme and enough variation to keep you interested for a long time.

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with a fun African safari theme. You can also play the same game with an Egyptian, American and Holiday theme if you feel like a bit of variety. The symbols are different but the gameplay is exactly the same and you get access to the same networked jackpot, no matter which version you’re on.

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