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New Porting Kit 4.0 Beta (4.40) with auto update feature!

Yes finally, great news! As promised the Porting Kit 4.0 update with automatic updates feature from now on! So make sure you have this “4.40” version and you will be updated automaticly from now on! This process will be done automatically, so there is no “check for updates” (yet). Beside that great feature also the maintenance mode is now visible in Porting kit 4.0, so you cannot install for example the Origin Source because the port is in maintenance/not working temporarily at the moment.

New Features:
– Automatic update feature
– Maintenance mode visible now

Get this new critical up from the download page up here…

New Porting Kit 4 Beta release!

Yeah we are working hard to have the Porting Kit Beta 4 as stable and complete as possible for you guys. So we are working very hard to make this possible for you and have the best experience. The beta is under full development, and since last week we builtin a lot of improvements. We also builtin a log creator, so when you run into issues you can sent it to us for analysis. We encourage you all to work as much in Porting Kit 4 Beta as possible and report bugs to us and when you run into issues sent us the logs and revert back to PK3 until we fix the issue for you. We hope this is the second last update¬† you have to download manually. The next release will contain the “auto-update” feature, so it will automaticlly be updated when a new release is available.

Changes since last week beta:
– Added Sentry to monitor for unknown errors
– Fixed Wine Prefix creation that was affecting some people
– Fixed “No such file or directory” bug that happened for some people when finishing an installation
– Fixed freeze at last installation step
– Fixed blank window bug that was affecting some people
– Added “Report problem” button for the More menu
– Added form to the “Contact Us” tab
– Default engine for Custom Ports should be the latest 32 bit CrossOver engine
– Added DLC and native games glow in the server Library
– Added support for native game

Get this latest PK beta update from the download page up here… you can then replace the old one with the new one in your apps folder.