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Crossover 21 released!

Yes, great news! Crossover 21 has been released! Crossover is an application similar as Porting Kit but then commercial (Paid application) and has a big team of developers and offer paid support for their product. Crossover is a product of Codeweavers which contributes a lot to the Wine project. In short, a great product and ran by very cool guys! :) Crossover is priced 59,- and comes with 12 months of support of updates and phone support. With Promocode “Portingover” you will get 30% off! So take advantage of that code :)

Crossover 21 makes now use of  Wine 6.0 and has loads of improvements and fixes for games and better support for M1 Apple Silicon. It also includes fixes for Ubisoft games like Anno 2070, Rayman Origin/Legends, Assassin Creed series and more! When we created a CX21 Engine for Porting Kit these ports will be fixed and new ones will be added as well!

Check out the full change log below.

21.0.0 CrossOver – August 3, 2021

  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • CrossOver 21 includes Wine 6.0, with 8,300 improvements, and selected patches from recent Wine with benefits to many popular applications.
    • Update to DXVK v 1.7.
    • CrossOver now ships Wine Mono.
  • macOS:
    • Added support for Dark Mode.
    • Vulkan WineD3D backend now on by default for D3D10/11 games.
    • Skyrim SE now runs on m1 with WineD3D.

We are using the opensource code of Crossover to make Wineskin engines to use in Porting Kit. We are working hard to get a working patched engine to Porting Kit to make use of the the new engine as well to use for new specific games and upgrade old ones for fixes and improvements. When we have it finished this will be announced again on the blog. Meanwhile if you want to play with Crossover already, then you can get Crossover 21 from their website.

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers! Want to support Porting Kit? Buy also Crossover from Codeweavers! They are mass contributors of Wine development and are the core people making this possible.

Beta 2 of Crossover 21 released and what are the findings so far…

Beta 2 of Crossover 21 released and what are the findings so far...

As mentioned earlier and some probably have heard by mail replies as well, I am very busy with testing the Beta of CX21 and reporting bugs to get solved. The CX21 will be the new engine we can use in the near future when released, including some extra patching to solve some extra stuff like the Origin Client. But you may wonder what we are experiencing thus far in the latest Beta release of Crossover 21. We will tell you in the next coming paragraphs.

M1 Apple Silicon Support:
Maybe one of the most important things is Apple Silicon Support for games. We found that this has been improved a lot. Games like, Skyrim SE (without too many glitches), Monkey Island 4, Dungeon Keeper 2, and many more where we don’t know off (because we cannot test thousands of games in such a short notice) are now starting to work. We see also big steps forwards in other games, like that it first in CX20 didn’t launch at all, but now it launches but has some slowness issues or crashes. But there is process, as you know what I mean.

More games which stopped working in Catalina are working again as well!
We have tremendous good news! A bunch of games which stopped working in Catalina 64bit. Start working again in CX21! An important Xaudio bug has been resolved, making a lot of Ubisoft games work again, like Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Assassin Creed 2, Assassin Creed revelations , Anno 2070 and more. These popular games suffered under this bug in Catalina 10.15 and up, but is now fixed in CX21.

But thats not all, also Steam bugs are solved and working better and faster (no big delays anymore) and more games are working better (like Tomb Raider 2 and Tombraider 4) including improved Directx11 support in 64bit games. Yes, a lot of joy is coming!

Still a lot to do:
Although we certainly won’t complain about CX21, there is still a lot to do. Especially for M1 Apple Silicon support we have a long road to go. It’s improving but we aren’t there yet. But we are happy to see Wine development is going the good way, also for M1 Apple Silicon. I will in the coming time do more videos (Porting Diaries) regarding M1 Apple silicon gaming, to show what is all possible already :)

We are now in the second beta, so I expect only a couple of weeks for the real release. Then we will add some extra patches which will have some better compatibility and then, on the end of the road there we hope to have also the Origin Client back in business again which means all the C&C games, and many others are back playable again in Porting Kit. In short, there are a lot of cool things happing and we hope to have this all in place in a month or so.

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers! Want to support Porting Kit? Buy also Crossover from Codeweavers! They are mass contributors of Wine development and are the core people making this possible.

New Crossover version is in Beta which means CX21 Engine is coming within weeks!

New Crossover version is in Beta which means CX21 Engine is coming within weeks!

Crossover CX21 is in beta mode, this means that in not too long (weeks) we will have access to a newer engine!! Yes and newer engine means better support, fixes and especially great news for Apple Silicon Macs which will get better support! We are looking forward to the new release an I am working at the moment very hard to submit bugs which are CX19 and CX20 to be addressed and fixed in CX21. I know for sure already that Monkey Island 4 and Empire Earth for example will work on Apple Silicon on CX21, but this only one of the few I tested!

Testing, testing, testing. Because its so important to have a good working CX21 engine I am spending a lot of time doing bug reports at Crossover (Promocode 30% “Portingover”) in the beta, so updating WSI2 files to WSI3 will be postponed for those couple of weeks. Lets hope we will have an awesome working CX21 with as much game compatibility as possible!

Crossover 20.0.4 has been released!

Crossover got an update to 20.0.4 if you own Crossover then you can update it and it has a few fixes and features. See the changes below. Codeweavers is an important partner which contributes a lot to the Wine project and also makes Porting Kit possible. Because Codeweavers has a good relationship with us we can also offer a promo-code “Portingover” with a nice 30% discount for Mac and Linux.
20.0.4 CrossOver – January 27, 2021

  • Bug fixes for all platforms:
    • A bottle which was registered exactly on a release date no longer shows as unregistered.
    • Office 2010 bottles activated with old versions of CrossOver no longer need reactivation.
  • macOS:
    • Fix an interaction with our password dialog and the Big Sur key chain.
    • Bluetooth Xbox One controller support for Intel macs.
    • Work around an Apple Silicon bug that prevents some older games from working when they request a 640×480 mode.
    • Prevent a crash on Big Sur when clicking on a Cross Tie file.

If you don’t own Crossover yet, you can get it up here…

Crossover 20 released!

Great news! Crossover 20 is out! It has a lot of improvements (Wine 5,0) and even promises Directx11 support! This is something Porting Kit cannot offer yet because Crossover uses DXVK 1.5.2 including with some aditional patches which Porting Kit does not have (yet). I am not sure which Directx11 games work, but you will find out yourself soon enough. So even if you only want to support the Wine project, I really recommend you Crossover 20 the rest is a massive bonus. They have a total new branding as well. Check out the change log below.

20.0.0 CrossOver – October 13, 2020

  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • Allow application ranking within CrossOver.
    • CrossOver 20 includes Wine 5.0, with 3,400 improvements, and selected patches from recent Wine with benefits to many popular applications.
    • Revise branding and visual appearance.
  • Chrome OS:
    • Dedicated support for Chrome OS using containers.
  • macOS:
    • Support Big Sur (macOS 11).
    • Improve support for Steam and Steam games.
    • Support for DirectX 11 games.
  • Linux:
    • Allow CrossOver to upgrade itself.
    • Refresh distribution support.

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Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance Wildfire for Mac (Catalina OS)

After a time of testing of existing ports and handling with issues with Porting Kit within Catalina 10.15.x OS. I can finally focus on some new game ports. So yesterday I added Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire to the Porting Kit which is Catalina Compatible. The old version is not compatible anymore and was malfunctioning. That’s why I made these ports available again in Porting Kit. I tested both games for a bit and works brilliantly :)

Game description:
Jagged Alliance 2 features: perfect blend of strategy, roleplaying and tactical combat; dozen of new weapons; 150+ individual in-game characters; realistic combat physics; and more than 10,000 lines of digitalized speech. The only thing missing is YOU. 

For Catalina users: Make sure SIP is disabled and that the Porting Kit app is located in your Apps/Application folder. If you want SIP to be enabled, I strongly recommend Crossover for now for the time being

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Make sure you have downloaded the Portingkit app or use Crossover.
2. Always read the “notes” of the game description first for additional steps!
3. Download the Jagged Alliance 2 or Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire “offline backup setup” file into your (root) download folder.
4. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click “Install”
5. Porting Kit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
6. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
7. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
8. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
9. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click “play”!
10. Enjoy the game!

Go to the Jagged Alliance 2 game pages for more info up here… and here…

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Crossover 19 has been official released and is Catalina compatible!

Yes! Great news! Crossover 19 has been released and available for the public, and it is Catalina ready! Thanks to one specific coder (Ken Thomas) Codeweavers managed to make 32-bit processes work in a 64-bit only environment. Which means you can still play your 32-bit games (which is 99% of the Porting Kit database) on your Mac! That’s awesome news. Besides that the Steam fix is included in their release, so you can also have your proper Steam client visible again! So if you can’t wait get Crossover, when you don’t have it yet. Porting Kit and Crossover are 2 applications which shouldn’t miss on your Mac :)  If you already have Crossover, you can update/download it from your Crossover account.

About the Catalina support for Porting Kit. Now the source is available (yeah we have a good relation with Codeweavers), we can apply the 64-bit fix as well in Porting Kit. However, we are hands short with coders, and as you have read in the previous post, if you want Porting Kit to speed up in development and you have knowledge about programming, then please check the “requirements” on the mentioned blog post and help us to make Porting Kit a better app even more! The plan/hope, is to have a Catalina ready Porting Kit in begin next year.

If you can’t wait, get Crossover meanwhile. You need more info about Crossover? Check this page…

Crossover gets new release V18 with 1000nds of improvements!

Crossover gets new release V18 with 1000nds of improvements!

Great news! Crossover has released a major update a few days back. Which is important for a lot of games to work properly again. If you are not updated yet please do so. You don’t know Crossover yet? Then learn more here… and when convinced use this promo-code: “portingover”  to get it here… with 25% discount!

Find below the changes in the latest release:

18.0.0 CrossOver – October 16, 2018

  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • CrossOver 18 is based on Wine 3.14, with thousands of improvements for Windows application compatibility.
  • Linux:
    • Improved support for DirectX 11 via WineD3D.
    • DXVK Compatibility.
    • Support for DirectX 12 via vkd3d and Vulkan.
  • Application Support:
    • Preliminary support for Outlook 2016 on Linux.
    • Support for Steam in Win 7 bottles.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Restored support for World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo III on Linux.
    • Fixed several bugs impacting the client.
    • Fixed a bug which caused Office context menus to disappear.
    • Fixed a bug which caused a corrupt file error in Office 2016 when installed with Internet Explorer.

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Cedric and the Revolution for Mac

Another free adventure game: Cedric and the Revolution! This free adventure won 2 AGS awards in 2005. This is a great game, with puzzles that are difficult enough to satisfy you when you solve them, but which rarely frustrate.They also feel inventive at times, with no annoying fetch quest included. It will keep you busy for an hour or 2 to finish (or earlier if you are an experienced adventurer). Enjoy this free game, simply install and play!

Install is simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
3. When using Porting Kit in Porting Kit search the game  in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game. Set the 640×400 resolution and save and play/launch! Have fun!

Game description:
Cedric and the Revolution tells the not so serious story about two elfs who want to organize a demonstration protest; however, later they have to confront completely different problems that will appear.

Go to the Porting Kit game page for more info up here…


Crossover 17 released for Mac and Linux

Awesome news! Crossover 17 (Mac/Linux) has been released! As every year in the end of the year, Crossover releases a new update, and this one took some time to be released. had a lot of beta’s as well. So finally it’s there. Crossover is a paid Porting Application product of Codeweavers, just like Porting Kit is, but then more advanced and features. Besides that they are the main contributors of the Wine project, and Wine project would be still in the stone age without their support. So its highly recommended to have this app and by doing so, you support the Wine project, and when using the links here, also the Porting Kit project!

If you don’t own Crossover yet, then get it using the links mentioned here, and get a 25% discount with the code “portingover”! Enjoy the new app!

Changes: 17.0.0 CrossOver – December 5, 2017

  • Application Support:
    • CrossOver now supports Microsoft Office 2016.
    • CrossOver now supports Quicken 2017.
  • Linux:
    • League of Legends now runs in CrossOver Linux.
  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • CrossOver 17 includes an updated Wine with thousands of improvements for Windows application compatibility.
    • The default compatibility mode has been changed from Windows XP to Windows 7.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Microsoft Office 2010 from registering.
    • Fixed bugs which prevented Everquest and Everquest 2 from running.
    • Many improvements to Microsoft Office 2013 applications, including better support for drawing shapes, support for gradient brushes, and more.
    • Many Windows applications will run better on high dpi screens.

Get Crossover on the Codeweavers website up here…