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Mass Effect added into Portingkit + Crosstie!

Mass Effect has 2 versions. One: The not working Origin version (because of the malfunctional Origin in Wine) and the Working Steam version for which this port is created. So make sure you have the good version when try to run it in Crossover and the Portingkit. I tested the game for a while and works quite well on my Nvidia 640M 512mb GFX  iMac.

I made the port available as Crosstie and for the Portingkit. So for the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here… and to learn more about Crossover go here…

Download the Portingkit here… and if you own Crossover, then get the Crosstie here…

Thrillville: Off the Rails for the Mac!

Some great news! As you may know Thrillville: Off the Rails is been re-released a little while back, and I finally got my fingers on the Gamersgate (=steam version) of the game and managed to get it working quite easily.  Thrillville: Off the Rails lives up to its name with 20 death-defying rides so outrageous, they inspire the same word from every park visitor who sees them: “WHOA!” But the new fun doesn’t stop there. Off the Rails features 34 playable multiplayer minigames, 15 all-new theme areas, over 40 thrill rides, a new story that ties together more than 100 missions, and social interaction with park guests that’s better than ever.

I made the port available as Crosstie and for the Portingkit. So for the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here… and to learn more about Crossover go here…

Download the Portingkit here… and if you own Crossover, then get the Crosstie here…

New Crossties!

Some good news for Crossover users! I made some new Crossties for the games I ported recently (where I could), so you can play the games in Crossover as well. If you not own Crossover yet, then you can get it here… and with the promo code “paulthetall” you get 25% off  bonus as a visitor as well!

The games I did recently and have now a Crosstie are:
Port Royale
Port Royale 2
Dark Void Zero
Might & Magic VII
Alien Terminator
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Enjoy the games on Crossover!

new crosstie

Port Royale 2 for Mac

Port Royale 2 for Mac takes you back to the beginning of the 17th century, when the great colonial powers were competing for control of the Caribbean and when towns could rapidly expand (and collapse again) over a short period of time. As pirates and military fleets threaten your trade convoys you may need to escort ships for your convoys, or you can turn the tides and hunt for pirates or capture the military ships, becoming more famous and expanding your own fleet as well as your stock of goods. I tested the game a bit on my Nvidia 640M imac and on my Intel Graphics HD 4000, and worked just fine on both Mac’s. Download quickly the Wrapper below and follow the instructions below! Enjoy the game!

Known issues:
– Grey sea instead of blue in the Map

I hope to fix them in the near future and make a wrapper update, but until that time, you have to live with this small bug.

Before downloading the Wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then download and extract Wrapper below –> Get and download Port Royale 2 from or Gamersgate –> double-click wrapper –> install windows software –> navigate to the GOG/Gamersgate setup file and double-click on it –> then the install wizard will appear –> install the game –> at the end of the installation click finish and launch!! Have fun!

Download the Wrapper up here… or when you use Crossover the Crosstie up here…

Some more CrossTies!

As you guys know I try to make for every Wrapper I make for a game, a Crosstie as well. This process takes normally a few days longer because the CrossTie needs to be approved first by Crossover. So if you own Crossover, always check a few days later on  a game-port release if there is a CrossTie available for that specific game. Or simply check for this kind of posts where I mention the latest new CrossTies. OF course it might happen that there won’t be a CrossTie for the specific game simply because it won’t work in Crossover yet (they use an older stable Wine Engine).

Anyway here a small list of CrosstTies done past week:
Alpha Prime
Airline Tycoon 2
Gothic 3
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Mass Effect
new crosstie

Battle Realms for the Mac!

Anther good old game is added to the carlog! Battle Realms is a masterfully crafted real-time strategy game. Cosmetically it is very similar to Warcraft III. It’s not quite as complex as Blizzard’s offering, but it’s got charm and it’s got heart. Everything about Battle Realms is stylish, sleek, and cool. If you enjoy games with high production values and snazzy looks, this game delivers. Check out the trailer below to get an impression of the game.

Kenji, exiled heir to the Dragon throne, must stake his claim in a chaotic world wracked by the subversive intrigues of the Serpent, Wolf, and Lotus clans. Shall he vanquish the land under a campaign of malevolence and terror or restore the war-torn realm to its former glory? Enter Battle Realms and choose your destiny. Explore the history that led up to the events in Battle Realms in Battle Realms: Winter of the White Wolf. Scattered and unorganized, your enslaved Wolf brethren hunger for revolt against their corrupt Lotus Clan masters. You must unite them. You must lead them. You must free them.

Download the Wrapper/Crosstie from the game page here…

Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death for the Mac!

A nice golden oldie action game. There’s a lot to like about Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death. Just one look at the screenies should convince you that we’re talking ancient tech here, but the dated visuals hide a smooth and capable engine. The environments are suitably Dredd-y, and the level design is varied enough to keep attention levels high for the duration of the campaign. The gameplay’s pretty good, too; Dredd’s regenerating shield means that you can always soak up a few bullets no matter how precarious your health gets. As old-school shooters go, it’s a solid, entertaining title. If you don’t own the game yet, I strongly advise you to buy Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death (only $5,99) on

Welcome to Mega-City One, a city of over four hundred million people and everyone of them a potential criminal. Stretching the length of the 22nd century American eastern seaboard, Mega-City One is the most dangerous city on Earth, for it is calculated that one serious crime takes place every second of every day. So dangerous, it demands a special breed of law enforcer.

Download the Wrapper/CrossTie from the game page up here…

Judge Dredd mac screenshot 2

Virtual Skipper 5 re-release

Someone asked me about the Virtual Skipper 5 page, that it wasn’t updated and had no Wrapper for download. Well, I changed that and even created a CrossTie so it works in Crossover as well! Multiplayer unfortunately isn’t working, but the rest with single-player and races and courses works just fine. Its real fun for skippers and everyone who likes sailing. Enjoy this one!

Download the new Wrapper/CrossTie up here…

Virtual Skipper 5

Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 for the Mac!

A nice one for today! Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 is a real-time WW2 strategy game in the deserts of Africa. Lead your army to victory and prevent to be annihilated by the enemy! You don’t know the game?! Well check out the game-play trailer and get convinced to play this awesome game! Enjoy!

Theatre of War 2 covers the events of 1943 in Tunisia, North Africa. Recovering from their losses after the crushing defeat and subsequent retreat after the Second Battle of El-Alamein, the German Afrika Korps – reinforced and now supported by the Italian Army – prepare once more to put steel against steel with the Allies. The Axis forces, under the command of the legendary General Erwin Rommel, have an all too brief opportunity to seize victory from the clutches of their earlier failures. Players will lead Rommel’s Afrika Korps in their last full-scale military campaign and command the English and American armies as they try to push the Axis forces out of Africa once and for all.

Download the Wrapper/CrossTie from the game page here…

Post Mortem for the Mac!

On request: Post Mortem! I already had an eye on the game for a while, but display issues prevented me to port the game. Now it finally works and hereby I present you the ported game Post Mortem! If you don’t own the game yet, then the game is DRM free available on or on Gamersgate. in this detective adventure game you step into the shoes of Gus MacPherson, a former detective who wanted to retire to a quiet life of painting, as he takes on a grisly double murder mystery. You’ll meet plenty of unique characters on your way to solving the mystery, but beware, not all of them can be trusted and some can lead you down a dangerous path if you’re not careful. Can you crack the case before it kills you? Check the trailer below to get introduced to the game!

Paris, 1920’s. A horrible murder has taken place in a ritzy hotel. There’s nothing worse than retiring from the dirty detective business only to be pulled back in by a silently screaming pair of corpses. Name’s MacPherson, Gus to my friends. I didn’t want to take on this job but the dame was loaded, and I’m not talking cash. Women, the one weakness of a lonely gumshoe, they bat their eyelashes and he’s like putty in their hands. Turns out the stiffs were her sister and brother-in-law. As is usual for the fuzz, they acted like rampaging bulls in a china shop, made a mess of the whole case and that leaves me as life’s own janitor. Sigh, guess I better get cracking before the stiffs get too cold.

Download the CrossTie/Wrapper on the game page here…