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Cayne released free for Mac

Cayne released free for Mac

The Developer Rebellion released a FREE game called CAYNE, two years after their first major success story STASIS. In this grim return to the STASIS universe, expectant protagonist, Hadley, wakes up in a facility. Where is she? Why is she there? And, why do they want her baby? Help panicked and anxious Hadley find her feet and brave stomach-churning situations to break free, by solving puzzles in this FREE adventure game.

CAYNE is a free, point-and-click, isometric adventure game with a modern edge. A gritty experience awaits. STASIS was only the beginning of a much larger story. Grab this free adventure game now on! Check the trailer below in the description to get introduced to the game.

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Broken Sword 2.5 for Mac added to Porting Kit!

Here another free adventure game! Broken Sword 2.5, is a community fan made adventure game which plays between Broken Sword 2 and Broken Sword 3. The Broken Sword 3 and Broken Sword 4 games are added to Porting Kit as well.

The last months were quite a blow of fate to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his beloved grandfather died of a cancerous growth. But that was not everything. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil. The consigner is–Nicole Collard, Paris, France. His presentiment shall turn into cruel certainty: Nico is dead! “First my grandpa and now Nico?”, George thinks and takes the first plane to Paris.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Trials Legends for Mac!

Another nice free game added to the Porting Kit! You liked Trials 2 SE which is added to the Portingkit already? Then this free Trials Legends will be a nice add-on to that game as well! Revisit the history of Trials in Trials Legends, a new, free PC game that recaptures the classic gameplay of the original web and PC-based Trials experience from 2000 to 2005.

Trials Legends reprises 33 classic tracks from the early days of years 2000–2005 of Trials, and includes six bike models, 15 ranks to achieve, local scoreboards, a track creator, and a short history of RedLynx Trials games. The tracks are based on courses from Trials Basic, Trials Pro, Trials Construction Yard, and Trials Mountain Heights – games originally released between 2000 and 2005 as free-to-play online Java games and small PC games.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

More already ported GameTop games added to Portingkit!

After my last announcement about GameTop yesterday I added 6 more free GameTop games into the Portingkit. All 6 games will just as the other GameTop games, automatic download and install the specific game of choice. All games contains no trials, no payments, no malware/virus, no toolbars, no in-game ads or what so ever. Check out the list of added games below:

I added the free games into the Portingkit which are colored in blue (means: free games). For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

superbiks scr

GTA and GTA 2 added to Portingkit!

We have a new WSI creator aboard: 112Madgamer! He added GTA and GTA 2 into the Portingkit. Both games are automatic download and install into portingkit. So sit back and let the Portingkit do all the work. Only make sure you run the GTA settings first in your local library before running the main game. Have fun!!

The game works awesome on all Macs as far as I know :D. For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

GTAgta 21

Hikkikomori Quest for Mac!

Here a free RPG game port called “Hikkikomori Quest” Created by Persona, Kinuko and Paul Robertson of Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 fame, Hikkikomori Quest RPG tells the tale of a recluse who embarks on a perilous journey of self-discovery, hoping to find some form of acceptance by the society that shuns him. This free RPG game will take about 2 hours to finish. So if you like this kinda games, grab it and check it out, it is free!

Use the C key to examine objects or select options, and press the X key to access your inventory. Your home doubles as an inn, while colas function the same way as conventional potions. Progress can be saved by checking your computer or accessing the computer terminals when exploring a dungeon. Press the left alt and enter key at the same time to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Download the Wrapper with game pre-installed up here…


Bug Bits for the Mac!

A free game for tonight called: Bug Bits! BugBits is an Action and Strategy game with unique gameplay which is continuously changing and improving as new kind of bugs are getting unlocked. The simpleness of the first levels later turns into a complex tactical warfare with unlimited possibilities. Each of the 20 playable bugs have different strengths and weaknesses. Combine them together to build effective strike forces! Check out the game-play trailer below. Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher.  Then simply download the wrapper  –> extract and play!

Immerse yourself into the wonderful microcosm of vivid meadows, barren deserts and mysterious forests! Send your ants and bees out and gather food! Protect your hive against intruders with your army of various beetles! But who are these intruders? Who is your enemy? What is this battle for? Find out that mystery and help your creatures to win their epic battle for freedom and peace through 39 missions!

Download the free  game up here…

GTA 2 Wrapper update!

Nice Wrapper update for today! When I was busy with some file managing I thought ” Hey, lets recheck GTA2 with some newer Wine engines” and with an awesome result. Fixed almost everything to a native Mac game! Only minor issue left is when hosting a multiplayer game, that you cannot close/leave the “game room” without restarting the game. For the rest it runs great!! Enjoy!

– Fix intro movie
– Fix bug that game won’t start after opening GTA2 manager
– OpenGL mode (faster)
– Standard in highest resolution (1024×768 for GTA2)
– branded icon

Get the updated GTA 2 wrapper from the game page here…

gta 21

Bloom for the Mac!

Bloom is a fee platform puzzle adventure game. In Bloom, Nameless Blonde Girl finds herself in a surrealistic dream world full of dangerous canyons, secret passages, and quirky beasts. She finds the flowers to be especially pretty; why not pick some of them while trying to find her way out? You can add the game freely in your account on Gamersgate, then download the download client file from your library and use it to install it into the Wrapper below.

Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then simply download the Wrapper below and extract the file and double-click the wrapper–> get and download Bloom on Gamersgate, –> install windows software –> navigate to the Gamersgate installer file and double-click it –> Installing the game into the Wrapper and at the end set the bloom.exe as start exe file. Now double-click the wrapper and play! Have fun!  For more info about porting go up here…

Download the Wrapper up here…

ATV Quadro Racing for Mac!

Another free Gametop game I already did, but I re-post now as well. In ATV Quadro Racing you Bbcome a motor cross champion and shoot for the checkered flag. Guide your bike through caves, caverns and secret tunnels. Navigate over rubble, slopes and hillsides. Watch out for cliffs and ledges! The rugged landscape can be perilous and unforgiving. Collect as many bonuses as you can, just don’t crash and burn off the mountainside. Easy game-play and multiple levels provide hours of entertainment. Combining realistic graphics and a heart-pounding soundtrack, this racing game is for extreme bikers only. Enjoy, it is free!

Installation is simple. Download the wrapper below with the Gametop version of the game pre-installed and extract and play! Have fun!

Download the Wrapper up here…

quadro racing

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