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Back to the Future III + IV + V fan games added to Porting Kit.

It’s been a busy period. Although there has been done quite some wrapper updates silently in the background. Now I can also announce 3 new free games which has been added to Porting Kit. The games are the fan games: Back to the Future III, IV, and V. These monkey island style games are the work of Daniele Spadoni, which has a fan page blog up here…

All 3 games are free direct downloads, which means that there is no installer download required, Porting Kit will do the full download and installation for you. Simply click install and Porting Kit will do the rest.

Game pages on Porting Kit:
Back to the Future III
Back to the Future IV
Back to the Future V

Check out the video I created for this trilogy up below. Have fun!

UNREAL 20th Anniversary: Unreal Gold free for 48 Hours!

Great news on! It’s been 20 years since we crash-landed on a planet full of ugly aliens, snazzy guns, and conveniently places power-ups. Today we’re going back for a nostalgic trip FREE of charge! You can then download the setup file and install it into Portingkit on the server tab of the Porting Kit app.

Together with Epic Games, we are celebrating this anniversary with a 48h giveaway of Unreal Gold, the hallmark FPS that expanded the shooter genre with open areas, sweet weapon upgrades and, well, unreal lighting effects. Grab it for FREE through our front page banner until May 24, 5pm UTC. Remember to redeem your code before June 7th, 10pm UTC.

Then make sure to grab the rest of the Unreal series at 80% off until May 29, 5pm UTC.

BlueMSX (MSX Emulator) for Mac

Yep, it is time to also add Applications to Porting Kit. BlueMSX is the first one of a long row :) Blue MSX is simply the best and most complete emulator for MSX and it took a while to get it finally working properly and the show stopper is now addressed by a workaround having the BlueMSX Application full screen when starting a game/program. It is also mentioned in bold in the application description and video (yep, made a new video after some silence in creating videos). So we are still deciding if for apps there will be a separate tab, but for now we put it between the normal games.

App Description:
The blueMSX MSX emulator is approaching its third anniversary and in this short time it has established itself as the most advanced and feature rich MSX emulator. It supports most common machines and a wide variety of extension hardware. A feature rich debugger is also included in the emulator. During the last two years, the MSX emulation has been extended and support for other systems have been added. blueMSX is now also an SVI emulator, and supports the ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000 consoles.

Get this amazing MSX app up here…