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Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Ceasar for the Mac!

Maybe some of you already know the great strategy game Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greek. It seems that last week a new folloup of the game is released called Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar. This game will put you (as the game name describes) in charge of Caesar himself, in a great campaign conquering the lands. This game is Steam a game, so you need a Steam Wrapper for it to play. The Steam Wrappers which are present at the moment, won’t work with the game, so I added a new Steam Wrapper called: Steambuild1bX11 which will and can be found in the Steambuild Wrapper folder.

Install instructions:
Get the Wrapper Steambuild1bX11 from the Steam Wrapper Folder mentioned earlier. Extract the Wrapper and login into the Windows Steam. Then get the game from Gamersgate and use the serial to a activate and download the game in Steam. When the game is downloaded, launch it, and you will notice that the first time it takes about 1 minute to launch the first time (and about 30 seconds the times after that using my Nvidia GT 640M iMac) and will first show the top bar of your Mac osx. To fix that, you have to make the game full screen and change resolution in the game options. When doing so, I suggest to lower the resolution to improve better performance and adjust the advanced graphics as well to “this settings” for even better performance. The game runs fine for me in this settings but this shows that this game will run quite slow on low-end macs with only 256 mb gfx cards. So 512mb GFX card is not luxery here. Check out the introduction trailer below to get introduced.

Download Wrapper here…, and buy the Steamkey up here…

Battle Tanks 2 for the Mac!

I made a big list of all kinda free games I crossed by through time, and one of them is Battle Tank 2. This free fun game makes you commander of tank and you have to protect and conquer enemy flags. Do  a quick battle or play one of the 5 other maps with its own purpose. This game is really fun when you are in the mood to blow things up. You have also the power to command your other tanks to do tasks, like: to follow you, to attack and so on. This game works great and is really fun to play. Check out the video below for some gameplay.

Battle Tanks II is a combination of action and strategy. You can select a Tank in one of the 5 unique battlefields and survive the map. If you like being the commander of your army, you can sit back away from the action, directing your army’s actions strategically. However, if you prefer action, there’s nothing stopping you from helping your tanks out to join the fight.

Simply download the Wrapper using the link below and extract the Wrapper and play! It’s free!

Download the Wrapper including game up here…

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